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Jenkintown, PA

209 Leedom St, Jenkintown, PA 19046
(267) 225-2442
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Office Hours

Sunday: Noon to 6:00pm
Tuesday: Noon to 6:30pm
Wednesday: Noon to 6:30pm
Thursday: Noon to 6:30pm
Friday: Noon to 6:30pm
Saturday: Noon to 6:00pm
* Please see Event Calendar for event times, or contact us for available private party dates.

About Our Studio

What is Painting With a Twist (PWAT)?  It's a fun way to spend two or three hours with old friends or making new ones.  It's a fun way of forgetting your problems and immersing yourself in the moment. It's a fun way of getting in touch with your creative side - don't worry, it's in there and we'll help you find it. 

PWAT is a BYOB art studio where we encourage you to bring your favorite wine or beer, funger foods and friends .... we will provide the paint, brushes, canvas, glasses and everything else you need for a fun and transformational experience.  One of our talented artists will walk you through the class's artwork step by step so that at the end.....you have a truly original work of art.... one you will be proud to sign.  We have almost 7,000 paintings in our exclusive catalog so there is something for every taste and temperment.  What, you say you have no talent!  We say, excellent, you are just our type and we will help you bring out your inner artist....no, really, that is our specialty and once you find her/him you will be hooked on PWAT (no 12 step program required, it's a healthy addiction).

Alcohol Policy

Guests must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages (proof of age will be required)

Age Policy

Children under 15 not permitted in adult classes. Public classes, except FAMILY DAYS, TEEN NIGHTS, and KIDS CAMPS, are for ages 15 and younger. Babies and toddlers are not permitted in public classes at any time.

Studio Details

• Refrigerator available
• Please bring your own ice
• Cups are provided

Studio News

Our Makeover!

August 2 2017

To all of our loyal customers, past, present and future: We woke up one morning a few weeks ago, looked in the mirror and HORRORS...we decided we were in need of a serious face lift ... a little Botox or Juviderm just wasn't going to do the trick! Don't judge us, we are much deeper than our superficial appearance but we do want to be attractive for YOU. We can't wait for you see how fabulous and new we'll be looking with our makeover so stop in after August 20th and feel free to pile on the compliments! However, we are open during this time for classes upstairs in the LOFT. ... | Read More

Fathers Day is Sunday

June 14 2017

We have the perfect solution for doing something special with Dad, check out our calendar for this weekend, so many choices to spend some time with Dad. Neon Jellyfish is a special Family painting class and the price is reduced to $25.00.... | Read More

Mother's Day is almost here

May 10 2017

What a wonderful time Mother's Day is in our studio, you can feel the joy and love all around. People celebrating that special bond, most classes start with painting and end with singing and dancing. To all the beautiful Moms out there, this day is for you and you deserve it! ... | Read More

I see a painting I love and then it is gone?

March 30 2017

I love doing our calendar. It is always posted on the 15th of the month. Sometimes you may see a painting you like and a week or two later it is replaced with something else. What happened, you may ask? FYI if we do not have any interest in a painting we often try another one, so my tip for today is if you see a painting you like make a reservation as soon as you can. That will help me know not to remove a painting that you are interested in. Don't forget Mother's Day is around the corner, our classes will be announced on April 1.... | Read More

Have You Heard?

March 2 2017

Great News! We are in the buildout stage for our new studio in the Northeast at Grant Ave & Roosevelt Boulevard (right across from Miller's Ale House) - no we are not leaving Jenkintown (we love this town too much) but this will give us the opportunity to meet and nurture many more budding Van Goghs. Keep an eye out for info and opening date ... | Read More

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