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Slidell, LA

2132 Gause Blvd E, Ste 16, Slidell, LA 70461
(985) 641-6433
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Office Hours

Sunday: 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Monday: 10am to 12:30pm
Tuesday: 9-11:30a to 3pm-6pm
Wednesday: 9-11:30a to 3-6pm
Thursday: 9-11:30a to 3-6pm
Friday: 10-12pm to 3pm-10pm
Saturday: 10-4pm to 6pm-10pm
* Please see Event Calendar for event times, or contact us for available private party dates.

About Our Studio

Looking for a fun night out? Unleash your creative side with Painting with a Twist! Bring your favorite beverage, possibly a snack, and relax. Our talented team of instructors guides you step by step through the night's featured painting. Our classes are $35 for 2 hour paintings and $45 for 3 hour paintings, so there's something for everyone!

Alcohol Policy

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)…there is no limit to what you can bring…beer, wine, daiquiri’s, etc.

Age Policy

Evening classes are for ages 10 & up ONLY! Anyone under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Studio Details

• Refrigerator available
• Please bring your own ice
• Cups are provided

Studio News

Bucket List

June 27 2015

I have always wanted to make a legit bucket list. I made one for the summer a few years ago, and I really liked it. A bucket list helps you to set fun goals to do, and I feel like a bucket list gives you motivation to actually do them. I think a lot of people have similar things on their bucket list, like traveling the world, going skydiving, or trying some fancy food, but I think it would be fun to put things like paying off student loans by a certain age, adopting a dog from an animal shelter, or even putting money into a savings account each paycheck. I feel like it is a good idea to make life more than just going to work every day, and a bucket list helps to make that possible. I recently saw a post about doing 101 things in 1001 days. I feel like that is a great motivation, because that's plenty of time to get a good bit of things crossed off your bucket list. I have always wanted to travel, so for me that would be an exciting thing to do on my bucket list. Likewise, I have always wanted to get my own puppy, and I feel that adopting from a shelter is a great thing to do. Not only is it much less expensive than getting a puppy from a breeder, but you are also saving a life. Travel is expensive, but if you put aside a little bit of money at a time, that money will accumulate and you will have much more to use when you're ready to travel. A bucket list is pretty much a set of fun goals, I think it is a good idea to have one because it keeps you from living that same life every day. A bucket list keeps your life interesting by inspiring you to be different and spontaneous. ... | Read More

Loving Yourself

June 12 2015

It is hard not to compare yourself to other people. Especially with the media constantly posting pictures of women who are stick thin and tall. I am 5' 3'' and I will never be a size 0, but I find myself sometimes wanting to look like the celebrities and models in the magazines and on TV. I always have to remind myself that not everyone has the same genetics, and not everyone can eat what they want an not gain a single pound. Everyone has a different body type, so for some people it is literally impossible to look like a 5' 11'' model. I know recently everyone has been talking about having a thigh gap. Honestly, I don't think having a thigh gap is all that great. It just makes you look too thin. I would rather be strong than skinny. I think having muscular legs are more appealing than legs with hardly any meat on them. This is just my opinion, but it is also comes down to genetics as to whether or not someone will have a thigh gap; it depends on how wide your hips are, and I am someone who naturally has wide hips. I don't think we should focus on our outside appearance as much as we do. I know I am not the best at ignoring my physical appearance, but it is better to love your flaws and not to listen to what society thinks is "pretty". I find people who are nice and funny to be attractive, it doesn't matter what they look like. So next time you start to compare yourself to someone else, think of all the positives you have, and know that you were made perfect for you. No one else will ever be you, so embrace your own skin. ... | Read More

Dealing with Stress

June 4 2015

I have always been someone who gets stressed out easily. I think it is mainly because I take on way too many responsibilities and I say yes to too many people. Between working a few jobs, school, and trying to keep a social life, it seems like I never have a day to just relax. Therefore, I constantly find myself freaking out over things and not having enough time in the day to get things done. I have tried several things to deal with my stress and I have found a few things that work. First of all, working out is a great stress reliever for me. I love doing some cardio to get my heart pumping, it helps me temporarily forget about my worries. Also, listening to good music helps. Everyone has different taste in music, but when I am stressed anything upbeat that gets me dancing does the trick. I love pop, EDM, and sometimes rap/R&B. Singing along to my favorite songs is not only fun, but it helps me remember to not worry so much. Another great stress reliever is yoga. I recently went to my first class, and I will definitely go back! It is a workout so you are killing two birds with one stone! It's so relaxing and peaceful and afterwards my mind truly feels cleansed. Sometimes I feel like stress takes over my life, but a quick trip to the gym, a yoga class, or dancing/singing session does the trick! I know that for me, I need to take on less and just try and give myself a break. Also, I think I'll try being a little more carefree! ... | Read More


May 28 2015

I've always wanted to be a runner. It just seems like a great way to stay in shape and clear your mind during a nice long run. The problem is, after two knee surgeries and allergies, running isn't exactly my forte. I have several friends who run on the track team and cross country team at school. I also have some friends who just run for fun, but every time I try to join them I end up having to stop early and I feel like I'm dying. I've gone on running kicks where I will start to run every day and eventually I get in better shape, but a lot of the time I can never get into the best shape that I want. Either my knee will start hurting or I literally can't breathe, so I stop. I feel defeated when I don't reach my goal, but sometimes it feels impossible to reach. I have tried various different ways to try and keep in shape but nothing really works for me. I'm convinced my body just isn't meant to run, but I just don't want to accept that. I like how I feel after a run; my body feels tired, but my mind feels at peace. During a run is a different story. I constantly think of maybe just walking the rest of the way or slowing down because I feel as though I'm about to drop dead, so as you can see, it's a struggle. Nevertheless, I still want to try and run. I don't know why I suck at it, but I'm determined to run a marathon or at least a half-marathon one day. Running is something that I think all people should try, even if you're like me. ... | Read More

Healthy Breakfast

May 25 2015

I love finding new recipes for healthy breakfast ideas, mainly because breakfast is my favorite meal and I'm currently trying to be healthy! First I love pancakes, but normal pancakes are not very good for you, so I found a delicious pancake recipe that I've tried and is super yummy! Just get two eggs, a banana, 1/2 cup of oats, and a few dashes of cinnamon. It sounds like an odd combo, but once you mix all the ingredients together and put them on the griddle you will be satisfied. Also, no flour or sugar is needed, so they are much healthier than a normal pancake. I love making smoothies for breakfast as well. My go to smoothie is strawberry banana with mango! I get frozen mango from the store, or if mangos are on sale I will get a fresh one. I usually use 1 banana, 6 or 7 strawberries, and a handful of mango. I like to freeze my strawberries and mango beforehand so I don't have to use ice (I hate when the ice makes it chunky). Then I put some milk in to help it mix well. Once it is pretty smooth I like to add some honey and if I am working out that day I add 1/2 a scoop of vanilla protein. This makes a delicious smoothie that actually fills me up. I hope you try one of these healthy breakfast ideas. Both keep me full for a long time, and they are yummy without being unhealthy.... | Read More

Healthy Lifestyle Struggles

May 14 2015

I always find it hard to stick to being healthy. I will start eating well and working out every day, but then one stressful day brings me to Dairy Queen and that one Blizzard sends me off the tracks of my health kick. Also, being busy with work and school always seems to get in the way. The way I try is stay healthy is by trying to drink plenty of water and trying my best to stay away from sweets, but my sweet tooth is always craving something! This doesn't always happen, but I always see the best results from doing this. I also love to workout. Even though I get off schedule sometimes, I always feel better after I lift weights or do some cardio. I love to mix up my workout routine to spice things up and keep it interesting. My biggest problem is just sticking to my routine. We are so busy today that it is hard to keep on track. I like to set reasonable goals for myself so that when I reach them I feel good. I never set my goals too high, because if I do not reach my goals I feel defeated, and that is the worst feeling. I love trying my best at being healthy, even though it doesn't always happen, I know I am making the right decisions and will thank myself down the road. Don't be afraid of trying a new routine, it could change your whole life!... | Read More

Summer Vacation

May 2 2015

Summer is so close that I can't help but be excited for some upcoming vacation time. I always love going to the beach with friends or family and soaking up the sun. I've always wanted to go to a beach in the Caribbean or maybe even Europe, but Florida shall have to suffice, plus it's much cheaper! Sometimes my family and I go to amusement parks or Disney, which is also a super fun time! I love riding roller coasters with the warm wind hitting my face, and water parks are the perfect places to quench your thirst for amusement and keep you refreshed. It is also nice to just take a break from work to relax on vacation. It seems like everyone nowadays is consumed with work, so going on vacation is a nice little break from all of the craziness. Even spending the day in New Orleans is fun! I love going to the Zoo and Aquarium or even going shopping on Magazine Street or in the French Quarter. There are so many fun things to do, and summer just seems like the perfect time to do them! I can't wait to lay by the pool and try to get a little tan. I also can't wait to eat a lot of crawfish and snoballs! What do you like to do for summer vacation?... | Read More

Music Festivals

April 16 2015

I have always enjoyed music, so music festivals are the perfect way to enjoy the art of music! We have our own here in New Orleans, Jazz Fest! This year I think there is a great lineup, so I'm hoping to go if the weather permits! Who can miss out on Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, and many great others all at one big festival? There is always a fun atmosphere at Jazz Fest, bu the past few years it has rained either during the event or around the time of Jazz Fest, leading to mud everywhere! That is the only down side to it, everything else is amazing! The price seems reasonable to me, you are seeing multiple artists for the price of pretty much one. There is also the Gulfport Music Festival which is pretty close to us. Just a short drive to the beach and you can party in the sand with some fun artists as well! Going to Coachella or another huge music festival is definitely on my bucket list. It is such an awesome way to connect with other people who love the music and the atmosphere is always amazing. Music festivals are a great way to go a have some fun and get away from our usual busy schedules. I can't wait to see all of the lineups so I can hopefully travel and go to others across the country! Music is such an important part of our lives and I can't imagine living without it. Festivals make it possible for us to enjoy our favorite artists with several people who feel the same way!... | Read More

How to Have a Happier Life

April 10 2015

I have found that when you are unhappy with one thing in life, it usually puts a damper on several things. I've thought about how to make your life better, and there are simple steps to doing this that I should have done a long time ago. First of all, surround yourself with people who you like, and who are nice and uplifting. I know from personal experience that it is no fun hanging around someone who is very negative or constantly bringing you down. Your friends should be people who care about you and want to help you out when you're down, so make sure that everyone you hang around with does this. Secondly, do what you love. If you have a job that you hate, maybe try to find something better. I also know from experience that going to work every day to a job I hated made my life miserable. It is better to be happy and make less money than to work at a job that brings so many negative feelings into your life. Also, I have found that working out and trying to be healthy has made me a lot happier. I definitely cheat and eat ice cream every now and then, but your body just feels better after a good workout or eating some fruit instead of a whole sleeve of Thin Mints (I have also cheated and done this). So next time you think about how unhappy you are with something in your life, make a small change and you will find yourself forgetting about how unhappy you were. Being happy is the most important thing in life, without happiness are you truly living life to the fullest? ... | Read More

Spring Break Fun

April 4 2015

I always love spring break because it means we are just a few weeks away from summer. For those in school, this is awesome, but for those who already have jobs, it probably makes no difference! I always like celebrating Easter with my family and getting to relax for a week, but it always goes by way too fast. I wish I could live at the beach, but going on the weekends will have to suffice when we don't have a break. Spring break also gives an excuse to tan and catch up on life! This includes catching up on your favorite shows, going to Dr. appointments that you can never fit in your schedule without a break, and seeing friends who are usually just as busy as you. There is always a part of me who wants to just catch up on my sleep during spring break, but life is too short to sleep it away! I love how the seafood boils and snoball season kicks in around this time, it is probably one of the best things about living in Louisiana. There is always something to do during spring break, I rarely find myself bored, and looking forward to a break from school is the best.Here's to enjoying spring break and Easter time with lots of fun, family, and friends... | Read More

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