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Slidell, LA

2132 Gause Blvd E, Ste 16, Slidell, LA 70461
(985) 641-6433
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Office Hours

Sunday: 12pm to 3pm
Monday: 9-11:30a to 6pm-9pm
Tuesday: 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Wednesday: 9-11:30a to 3-9pm
Thursday: 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Friday: 9-11:30a to 3pm-9pm
Saturday: 10am-1pm to 6-10pm
* Please see Event Calendar for event times, or contact us for available private party dates.

About Our Studio

Looking for a fun night out? Unleash your creative side with Painting with a Twist! Bring your favorite beverage, possibly a snack, and relax. Our talented team of instructors guides you step by step through the night's featured painting. Our classes are $35 for 2 hour paintings and $45 for 3 hour paintings, so there's something for everyone!

Alcohol Policy

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)…there is no limit to what you can bring…beer, wine, daiquiri’s, etc.

Age Policy

Evening classes are for ages 10 & up ONLY! Anyone under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Studio Details

• Refrigerator available
• Please bring your own ice
• Cups are provided

Studio News

Healthy Lifestyle Struggles

May 14 2015

I always find it hard to stick to being healthy. I will start eating well and working out every day, but then one stressful day brings me to Dairy Queen and that one Blizzard sends me off the tracks of my health kick. Also, being busy with work and school always seems to get in the way. The way I try is stay healthy is by trying to drink plenty of water and trying my best to stay away from sweets, but my sweet tooth is always craving something! This doesn't always happen, but I always see the best results from doing this. I also love to workout. Even though I get off schedule sometimes, I always feel better after I lift weights or do some cardio. I love to mix up my workout routine to spice things up and keep it interesting. My biggest problem is just sticking to my routine. We are so busy today that it is hard to keep on track. I like to set reasonable goals for myself so that when I reach them I feel good. I never set my goals too high, because if I do not reach my goals I feel defeated, and that is the worst feeling. I love trying my best at being healthy, even though it doesn't always happen, I know I am making the right decisions and will thank myself down the road. Don't be afraid of trying a new routine, it could change your whole life!... | Read More

Summer Vacation

May 2 2015

Summer is so close that I can't help but be excited for some upcoming vacation time. I always love going to the beach with friends or family and soaking up the sun. I've always wanted to go to a beach in the Caribbean or maybe even Europe, but Florida shall have to suffice, plus it's much cheaper! Sometimes my family and I go to amusement parks or Disney, which is also a super fun time! I love riding roller coasters with the warm wind hitting my face, and water parks are the perfect places to quench your thirst for amusement and keep you refreshed. It is also nice to just take a break from work to relax on vacation. It seems like everyone nowadays is consumed with work, so going on vacation is a nice little break from all of the craziness. Even spending the day in New Orleans is fun! I love going to the Zoo and Aquarium or even going shopping on Magazine Street or in the French Quarter. There are so many fun things to do, and summer just seems like the perfect time to do them! I can't wait to lay by the pool and try to get a little tan. I also can't wait to eat a lot of crawfish and snoballs! What do you like to do for summer vacation?... | Read More

Music Festivals

April 16 2015

I have always enjoyed music, so music festivals are the perfect way to enjoy the art of music! We have our own here in New Orleans, Jazz Fest! This year I think there is a great lineup, so I'm hoping to go if the weather permits! Who can miss out on Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, and many great others all at one big festival? There is always a fun atmosphere at Jazz Fest, bu the past few years it has rained either during the event or around the time of Jazz Fest, leading to mud everywhere! That is the only down side to it, everything else is amazing! The price seems reasonable to me, you are seeing multiple artists for the price of pretty much one. There is also the Gulfport Music Festival which is pretty close to us. Just a short drive to the beach and you can party in the sand with some fun artists as well! Going to Coachella or another huge music festival is definitely on my bucket list. It is such an awesome way to connect with other people who love the music and the atmosphere is always amazing. Music festivals are a great way to go a have some fun and get away from our usual busy schedules. I can't wait to see all of the lineups so I can hopefully travel and go to others across the country! Music is such an important part of our lives and I can't imagine living without it. Festivals make it possible for us to enjoy our favorite artists with several people who feel the same way!... | Read More

How to Have a Happier Life

April 10 2015

I have found that when you are unhappy with one thing in life, it usually puts a damper on several things. I've thought about how to make your life better, and there are simple steps to doing this that I should have done a long time ago. First of all, surround yourself with people who you like, and who are nice and uplifting. I know from personal experience that it is no fun hanging around someone who is very negative or constantly bringing you down. Your friends should be people who care about you and want to help you out when you're down, so make sure that everyone you hang around with does this. Secondly, do what you love. If you have a job that you hate, maybe try to find something better. I also know from experience that going to work every day to a job I hated made my life miserable. It is better to be happy and make less money than to work at a job that brings so many negative feelings into your life. Also, I have found that working out and trying to be healthy has made me a lot happier. I definitely cheat and eat ice cream every now and then, but your body just feels better after a good workout or eating some fruit instead of a whole sleeve of Thin Mints (I have also cheated and done this). So next time you think about how unhappy you are with something in your life, make a small change and you will find yourself forgetting about how unhappy you were. Being happy is the most important thing in life, without happiness are you truly living life to the fullest? ... | Read More

Spring Break Fun

April 4 2015

I always love spring break because it means we are just a few weeks away from summer. For those in school, this is awesome, but for those who already have jobs, it probably makes no difference! I always like celebrating Easter with my family and getting to relax for a week, but it always goes by way too fast. I wish I could live at the beach, but going on the weekends will have to suffice when we don't have a break. Spring break also gives an excuse to tan and catch up on life! This includes catching up on your favorite shows, going to Dr. appointments that you can never fit in your schedule without a break, and seeing friends who are usually just as busy as you. There is always a part of me who wants to just catch up on my sleep during spring break, but life is too short to sleep it away! I love how the seafood boils and snoball season kicks in around this time, it is probably one of the best things about living in Louisiana. There is always something to do during spring break, I rarely find myself bored, and looking forward to a break from school is the best.Here's to enjoying spring break and Easter time with lots of fun, family, and friends... | Read More

Spring is in the Air!

March 26 2015

At last the dreaded winter is gone! Spring is finally in the air and I must say that the weather has been quite nice thus far. It is finally time to break out our shorts and tank tops, see ya next year winter coat! It is also super nice to be in Louisiana for Spring! The weather is cool/warm with usually nice breezes to keep me from sweating. Also, crawfish season is here!! I am very excited about this because I could eat so much crawfish I may turn into one someday! Overall, spring just makes me happy! We have Easter to spend time with family and just typical nice weather before the summer heat takes over. Spending time in the city during spring is one of my favorite things to do; it just seems to be more vibrant with all of the colorful flowers blooming and people rejoicing that the cold days are gone! The only downfall about Spring is that it seems we usually get a good bit of rain. "April showers brings May flowers" seems to hit hard in Louisiana; but there are still plenty of sunshine filled days to enjoy, so I can't complain. Anyway, I can't wait for spring break and spending as much time outside as possible! ... | Read More

St. Patrick's Day

March 12 2015

I feel like St. Patrick's Day is the black sheep of all the holidays. Everyone seems to either forget about it or chooses not to wear green. I usually wear green because I do not like to get pinched by random people! Sometimes I feel like people intentionally don't wear green to get attention, but maybe they just forget! If you aren't 21, St. Patrick's Day seems like it doesn't matter as much, because most people use it as an excuse to get drunk. Here at Painting With a Twist, we don't mind the drinking because it's just like any other day. I think it's a fun holiday to give you an excuse to be late to work, or enjoy a fun night out with friends. I'm not sure why people don't talk about St. Patrick's Day as much, because honestly it's a great holiday! You get to wear green, which can be flattering on most skin tones, you can drink on a weekday without being judged, plus you can watch all the cool parades in Ireland! I think more people should appreciate St. Patrick's day because it is a holiday for a reason! The only thing that could make it better is if bars gave out free drinks, but I guess that's being too hopeful! Everyone have a fun St. Patrick's day and drink responsibly! ... | Read More

March 5 2015

Sometimes I feel like life is going by way too fast. February felt faster than the blink of an eye! I feel like were we just waiting for the groundhog to see his shadow and its already the first week of March. But then again, I feel like I was just ringing in the New Year with my friends. It seems like time is moving too fast, but sometimes I look forward to things that make it move faster. Maybe we should focus more on the present than trying to plan our far off future. I know I am guilty of trying to make plans for things too far in advance; I just like to know what my future holds. Unfortunately, I think this contributes to things going by so fast. I know that our life isn't permanent, and we should enjoy it while we can, but there are so many things to do that I feel I hardly have time to stop and smell the roses. Between school, work and other obligations, my free time is very limited (and it is sometimes spent catching up on sleep). I think a resolution I should have made is to say no every now and then so I can do something spontaneous! Life is too short to not live it to the fullest, and at the rate it's going, I'll be a little old lady before I know it! So next time you have to chance to do something fun, do it! Don't turn down something exciting to start a new season of a show on Netflix. Netflix will always be here, but fun adventures may not. ... | Read More

Cold and Bothered

February 25 2015

Usually I am excited when the leaves and temperature start to fall; winter and fall are a time that you can walk outside and not instantly sweat, which I truly am thankful for. Though, by the time the end of February comes around I am over the constant cold, especially in Louisiana. My allergies cannot determine if it is spring or winter because the weather keeps changing! It was a beautiful sunny 70 degrees day on Sunday, but by Tuesday it was 40 degrees and raining. I am ready for the slight heat. Obviously I am not yet prepared to experience the sweltering heat that comes in summer, but I would enjoy some constant 70 degree weather. The worst is this week when it is not only super chilly, it is pouring rain on my parade! Is it too much to ask Mother Nature to let me have either rain or cold? At the same time these two create a wave of laziness on me. My body instantly wants to go back to bed in this weather, and that unfortunately is not possible. So I guess I'm just kinda mad that the groundhog saw his shadow again this year... Maybe our warm weather will come early, because I sure don't want to deal with this cold any longer!... | Read More

Mardi Gras Time!

February 11 2015

Mardi Gras is definitely a party time, and it could be a good time to evaluate your life and see if you maybe party too much haha! I especially love hitting up all of the parades. We have some pretty good ones here in Slidell, but in my opinion the best are in New Orleans. This year I am going to Muses for the first time, and I'm hoping to catch a bedazzled heel! I also am going to Endymion, which is my favorite! I just love the atmosphere! It is family-ish so that I feel safe, but my friends and I still have a good time! There is just something about Mardi Gras that makes it so special and fun. When you think about it, some things about Mardi Gras aren't so glamorous. The constant smell of beer and cigarettes, getting whacked in the face with a pair of beads, then having some crazy lady trying to steal those beads from you, plus add either sweltering heat or freezing rain (I feel like we never have an in between) your fun day can be slightly ruined. Even though there are a few downsides to Mardi Gras, nothing can replace the fun times we share with friends and family. Watching all of the beautiful floats drive by with marching bands playing our favorite tunes, it is a magical time that I will never take for granted. Laissez les bons temps rouler!... | Read More

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