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Summer's winding down

Is it me or did summer last like 10 minutes??? Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids before school starts? We are happy to add an afternoon class for a group of 6 or more! How about a first day of school mom's get together?? Whether you're the type to celebrate the beginning of the school year or one sorry to have the kids gone all day, grab 5 friends and plan a Coffee and Canvas! Or if Wine is more your thing, a Palette and Pinot party! We have so many choices for your group to choose from in our library of over 12,000 copyright protected paintings, wine glasses, wood pallets, Rebecca Flott Arts Screen Paintings, canvas sizes from mini's up to extra long or extra large!! And as always, you can change your painting to fit your design or decor!! We have the brushes, paint, canvases and everything that you need to feed your inner artist or discover your creativity!! See you in the studio!

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