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Artist Profiles

Artist Spotlight: Erin

Fun fact! Our artist, Erin, also performs as a Living Statue for festivals and special events. Erin has a theatre background originally and has performed in and directed several productions. She also works on costumes and props for film and theatre productions and several years ago, she made her first Living Statue costume! Soon, she begab entertaining at festivials and "busking" in downtown Asheville as one of it's many street performers. Because her first costume was a mottled, stony color, she began calling her statue persona, "The Granite Goddess." She has been featured in a video advertising, "Romantic Asheville" and an HGTV commercial focused on the area. 

You can find Erin at upcoming festivals in the Asheville area including LEAF Downtown, The Apple Festival and Sparoberfest. Now, her costumes mostly are gold or bronze and she has several statue characters including a magician, a flapper, a Greek Goddess, a Fairy and an Oktoberfest maiden. Keep your eyes peeled for Erin when you're enjoying your next local festival and feel free to ask her about this fun side gig the next time you visit Painting with a Twist. 

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