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Why book a Painting Party?

Due to COVID-19 our offerings and requirements are subject to change. Please see our calendar for updated public class and kit information, or contact the studio directly at or 828-676-2607  Due to current restrictions, Virtual Events are a great option for gathering with friends in a safe setting, from the comfort of your home. Kids events are also great options for Virtual Classes.

Looks like Art...Feels like Fun! 

We offer private parties for any occasion!

  • Birthdays

  • Office parties

  • Girls Night Out!

  • Wedding showers

  • Baby Showers

  • Bachelor/ette parties

  • Graduation Parties

  • Church groups

  • Field Trips

  • Scout Activities

  • Sports Team Parties

  • Team Building

  • Holiday Parties

  • Sorority Parties

  • Retirement Parties

  • ...or any other reason to party!

 Private Parties

We are usually available for private parties on weekday mornings and afternoons, but we may also be available on evenings and weekends. Check our calendar to see if a class is already scheduled at your preferred time. If there is a class, give us a call at (828) 676-2607 to check and see if anyone has signed up yet; if not, we may be able to book your group and work together on the painting selection for that day and time that works for you!

 Benefits of a Private Party

  • You select your own masterpiece to paint from our collection of 11,000 paintings. A link will be emailed to you so that you can choose your painting! You will be able to choose from 2 hour ($37/person) or 3 hour ($45/person) paintings. (See additional info for Kid's Birthday Parties below)

  • You can schedule your party any day of the week, space permitting. We have morning, afternoon and evening slots available.

  • You get your own artist-instructor.

  • Prices are the same per person as our regular public classes.

  • No set up, no clean up - just show up!

  • You get the room 30 minutes before and after your party to celebrate.

  • Hosts of parties with 25 people or more receive a gift certificate for a FREE future class! 

  • We provide all of the art supplies, as well as cups and corkscrews.
  • Guests may bring their snacks and drinks of choice.

How do I reserve and pay for my party? Just call us at 828-676-2607 or email us your Party Request at

Our studio can accommodate a maximum of 50 guests. The minimum number of painters required for private parties on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons/nights is 25.

Costs & Minimums

Private painting parties pay the same prices as our public classes: $27 per person for a 1.5 hour painting class, $37 per person for a 2-hour painting class, and $45 per person for a 3-hour painting class. The host may opt to pay for multiple attendees or attendees may pay for themselves. 

To book a private party, we require a non-refundable deposit, of 2 seats paid for up front and a minimum number of painters. These requirements vary depending on the day and time of your party:

  • Weekdays starting at 3:30pm or earlier and all day Sunday: Minimum of 10 painters, 2 seats paid for upfront.
  • Monday-Thursday starting at 6:00pm or later: Minimum of 15 painters, 2 seats paid for upfront
  • Friday starting at 6:00pm or later and all day Saturday: Minimum of 25 painters, 2 seats paid for upfront

*See Kid's Birthday Parties below for Saturday morning exceptions!

The minimum number of painters will be used to calculate your total cost due 48 hours before your party. For example: 10 painters in a $37, 2-hour class=$370 minimum due. All deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit amount will be credited to your minimum due. If the minimum requirement is not met for the party through attendance, the host/hostess credit card will be charged the balance to meet the minimum. Please note, NO REFUNDS WILL BE AUTHORIZED; we must schedule our staff accordingly. 

If you do not have the minimum number of people needed to host a totally private party, you are welcome to have a party that is open to the public as long as we have 3 weeks notice to advertise the class.  If our calendar of events allows, you may choose a painting for your event and we'll make sure your group is sitting together. We still ask that you pay for 2 seats upfront in order to hold the date and time while you choose a painting. In this case, you are not responsible for a minimum number of painters. However, we do need at total of at least 6 people to host a class. 

If your painting choice sells out a public class, the host will receive a gift certificate for a FREE SEAT to use for a future class! 

**If you are not sure if your group can meet the minimum number of people, we encourage you to bring your party group to one of our public painting classes, or to contact us about choosing a painting while leaving it open to the public. 

***What if the day and time works for your group but you'd prefer to paint something different that what is being offered on that particular day and time?? Calls us! (828) 676-2607 to check and see if anyone has signed up yet; if not, we may be able to book your group and work together on the painting selection for the day and time that works for you!

Kid's Parties:

Want a party they will never forget?! Bring them on in to our studio. You only need 10 kids and the party place is all yours. The kids will create a party favor unlike any they have ever had before! Painting parties for kids can only be booked for Friday afternoons after school, Saturdays starting at noon or sooner, or on Sundays at any time. For kids 7-12 years of age, paintings are limited to "easier" 1.5 hour paintings at $27 per painter. If you prefer to choose a painting from our entire gallery, our regular class prices will apply. Our doors will open 30 miniutes prior to your class time so that you may set up and socialize. Please have your guests arrive at least 10 minutes early so the instructor may begin at your scheduled class time. Our instructors will guide the kids through the selected painting for about an hour to an hour and a half, the other 30 minutes can be devoted to cake, presents, snacks and other goodies! The mess stays with us and the kids leave with an awesome new wall decoration!

Corporate Team Building Events:

Come and enjoy something totally different from anythiung you have done before! You have more quality time with your co-workers in this studio than you would having lunch or going bowling! Select a piece of art work that you will have long after any other event. Think outside the box and give us a try; you will be amazed how much fun it is for both men and women!

Cancellation Policy: 

The party spokesperson/host will reserve the desired day & time with a nonrefundable deposit of 2 seats paid for upfront on a credit card and private party agreement. Guests must pay in advance and may make arrangements to pay online or by phone. There is a 14 day cancellation notice. If less than a 14 day notice of cancellation is given, a $150 penalty will be charged to the hostess. Cancellations within 7 days of party will incur a $350 penalty. Hostess is responsible for the minimum payment due for the party within 48 hours of start of party regardless of number of reservations or attendance. 

The Private Party is booked! Now what?

Once the private party has been booked and the painting is selected, the host/hostess will receive a passcode to distribute to guests. Hosts can also email or print custom invitations. Guests can then go online and individually pay and register for the private party, or the host/hostess may instead pay with one payment for the party. In either case, the minimum number of seats must be paid for no later than 48 hours before the party. If your party is open to the public and you're choosing the, we will get your ideas about what you'd like to paint and email you lots of options to choose from! 

Please call 828-676-2607 or email for availability. We are happy to walk you through the process to make your party planning a breeze!


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