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This Year's Mini Canvas Fundraiser!

Posted on 11/5/2019

Every year at PWAT Boynton Beach we choose a worthy cause to raise funds for. The studio owner provides materials, our artists donate their time and skill to paint mini canvases, and our customers are invited to donate $5 or more to take home a special mini canvas for a good cause! This year the funds raised will support our artist Frankie’s daughter Emma. Emma was born with both a lip and tongue tie. Lip and Tongue ties are becoming increasingly common in newborns. Lip and tongue ties are where the thin membrane is abnormally short, tethering it to the gum-line on top and restricts normal tongue functions. Her tongue procedure was done after birth because she was unable to eat. Now, she needs to get her lip revised to ensure there’s no premature tooth decay, speech impairments, oral development and helping with eating certain foods. All funds raised will go towards this procedure for Emma. If you are interested in donating please come buy the studio to check out our selection of mini masterpieces!