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Gift Cards and Parties and Paintings, Oh My! A PWAT Holiday Gift Guide

The 2019-2020 winter holiday season is upon us. Whether you have four different Christmases with four different family groups every year, you celebrate Hanukkah with a week of annual traditions, or December is just another month full of ordinary days for you, Painting with a Twist on the Boulevard is here to help you have a successful, low stress, colorful winter season. We'll share with you the basics on purchasing gift cards, booking private parties, and giving paintings as gifts. You should always review the terms on private parties and events (available on our website and by request via email) before committing. This post is meant to introduce you to the process and options for creative ways to use Painting with a Twist to cross everyone off your list this season. 1. Gift Cards. Just like almost all places of businesses in our modern world, we offer gift cards! BUT, unlike gifting a gift card from somewhere generic like a superstore or general store, this gift card reflects thoughtfulness. Offer someone you love the promise of a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled experience with a twist to be enjoyed some time in the future, at their convenience. Stop by the studio during our regular office hours (10am-6pm, Mon-Fri) to purchase a plastic gift card complete with a folding gift card holder/envelope. 2. Private Parties: A great way to get an exclusive space just for you and your friends, your family, or your coworkers. PWAT on the Boulevard offers simple, low-stress party planning for any occasion. Book an event for your office holiday gathering or for something fun to do when your extended family comes in town to visit. We do require a minimum of 15 guests for a private party. if you have a smaller group, you can simply book the appropriate number of seats in an existing public class. You can also look into our Pay to Post option to create a public class of your choosing to add to our calendar. For the groups of 15 or more who would like the private event, take a look at our calendar and yours and pick out your preferred day and time! Then submit a request on the "Request Party" or contact us with the date and time you'd like, along with any questions you have. See the "Party Info" tab on our website for specifics about how we host our parties. After we get the request, we will send you the agreement. You fill it out, then we take your deposit (equal to the first 3 seats). After that you have until 1 week before the event to pay your minimum (15 seats, or 12 after the deposit). Try to get the request in at least two weeks in advance. The sooner the better, as this time of year fills up quickly! 3. Make something beautiful: If your mom is like mine, every year when you ask her what she wants for Christmas, her birthday, and Mother's Day, she tells you that all she wants is for you to make her something. Write her a poem, make her a nice card. That's all she really wants. ...So maybe not everybody is so minimalist, but PWAT could help you create something that you'd actually be proud to give someone as a present. There is something for everyone on our calendar, from adorable animals to relaxing scenery to hot nightlife scenes. Register yourself for any of our upcoming classes and come ready to amaze yourself. Dedicate a couple hours to learn something new and amazing. Our incredibly talented artists will help you with all the tricks and techniques needed to go home with a painting that you can be proud of. Wrap it up and give it as a gift to someone you love! These are all ways PWAT on the Boulevard can easily help you with your holiday shopping. You can use the same options all year for any occasion. Contact us today with any questions!

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