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The Latest on Our Studio in COVID19 Times...

Dear friends and fellow art lovers, We are deeply saddened to say that we will have to close our doors. Effective March 17 until April 2, our studio will be closed. We will keep you updated about changes as they come. We are sure this comes as no surprise, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly difficult and painful to have to do this. We know we are in for some difficult days ahead, and our heart hurts especially for our amazing staff and our loyal customers. And being such a small business that depends on its community to stay afloat, the challenges we face as a business are overwhelming. We know that every single person is affected by this current pandemic, and our hearts go out to all of you. We urge everyone to stick together (figuratively, while maintaining safe social distancing!) and know that the only way we will get through this is if we practice responsibility and compassion. Stay safe and stay healthy, and keep your eyes out for further developments. This isn’t good bye; it’s just a “see you later!”

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