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Celebrate Galentine's Night-in!

Nothing can compare to the stomach ache you get laughing with your #BFFs. We all miss those moments of in person celebration and friendship. 2021 may look a little different but you can still Celebrate Your Gals with a great #GNI (Girls' Night In)! ??? No Valentine? No worries, we're celebrating Galentine's Day too! In-studio, Virtual Parties or Twist at Home options for fun! What is Galentine's Day, you ask? It started as a celebration of Leslie Knope’s ladyfriends. But the pseudo-holiday has caught on as a way to celebrate that most common and yet most unremarked-upon of things: female friendship. It all started in 2010. During an episode of Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler's character, Leslie Knope, invented a way for celebrating, in an official capacity, the joys of female friendship. Leslie set "Galentine’s Day" as a festival that would fall, each year, on February 13: Valentine’s Day-eve. And she decided that the festivities should take the form of the thing that has brought women together for decades: a long and boozy brunch - the real point of it all is simply to celebrate the platonic love that exists among ladyfriends. So this year, and every year, on Feb 13th. Check calendar for studio schedule and event options. View Twist at Home options here



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