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Quotes to Live By

A to Zen in Life

What is it about looking at a list of words to live by that restores our faith in ourselves and what we are doing?

Is it just taking a minute to concentrate on the words? Does it move our focus from the problem of the day? Do we concentrate on one good thing? Do we realize how easy it is to look at that bright shiny side of life?




No matter what you have to do to keep your head in the good place, do it. 

  • Grab that book you keep wanting to dive into. 
  • Have a crafty night out with friends.
  • Get a manicure… just because.
  • Sip a Kombucha in the park.
  • Hit that favorite yoga pose and hold for 2 minutes and just breathe. 

Do something everyday. It isn’t frivolous, it’s your daily vitamin and you’re worth it.



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