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Limited Edition Things to Do Before the Summer Ends


For families, the end of summer often means the start of school. No matter how young or old your kids are, painting together is a fun activity to do at the end of summer. Your child will get to create their own art to decorate their room. Or you can trade paintings, so your kid can tell their friends— proudly or sarcastically— “Yeah, my mom painted that,” and vice-versa. 

In some cases, you may have to say goodbye as your adult children head off to college. These last moments together should be cherished. Consider a parent-child paint night, which is much more than just one fun night together. Aside from unleashing your creative sides, you will be left with a work of art that serves as a reminder of the fun times you had together. If your child is old enough to drink alcohol, you’ll also score major cool points for bringing them to one of our adult paint and sip classes! And for a Limited Time this back to school season, we have Aladdin paintings! Relive all the fun and nostalgia of this classic Disney movie with us! 

Click our Calendar to see what paintings are coming up soon. (Aladdin is only here between August 16th and September 16th). RSVP and our team will make you feel like family.


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