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Fun Mother's Day Ideas!

                                                                                           Mother's Day                                                                                     

If you're looking for a perfect thing to do on Mother's Day, look no further! Our painting classes are a fun activity for the whole family, from ages 7 and up. Your mother will love it, and so will you! There's no counting the number of brownie points you will get for planning such a thoughtful and fun experience. The paintings you create together will serve as a constant reminder of the fun you had celebrating this special Mother's Day together.

There are not many activities that can truly entertain all ages and physical abilities, but we excel in bringing whole families together to have fun (ages 7 and up). It never ceases to amaze us how different everyone's paintings turn out. 

No art experience is needed, so don't let that stop you. Visit our Calendar page and reserve your seats today before we sell out! And if you prefer a Mother's Day in, gift Mom a Twist @ Home Kit. Our kits let Mom's creativity shine and come with all the materials she'll need as well as written instructions to create her very own masterpiece. Many even come with video instructions that can be used to follow along. Check them out in our Online Shop.  

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