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Create Fun Art with a Paint Party - Create Skin Tones Darker Skin

Posted on 10/30/2018

Painting with a Twist Evansville is the Tri States best Paint Party. Just come into our studio and enjoy creating your own masterpiece. Our talented local artists will take you through the painting step by step. You can always change elements of the painting, after all it is yours to take home at the end of 2 hrs. We make Art Fun and create Fun Art. Forget those boring classroom lessons from elementary, middle or high school. We have a full service bar where we can serve wine, beer, margaritas, mimosas. The way we serve our alcohol we can have all ages. Where else would you be able to have an activity that all ages can participate, you can drink (if you are legal) and create something that everyone can take home and remember the great times you had. Nowhere else. We also encourage organic art. You are creating artwork mostly from a Blank canvas or Blank Wood Cut out. Most of the difficult shapes will be pre-drawn on your canvas or stencils will be provided but it is not paint by numbers.

You can host any party at Painting with a Twist Evansville. All you need is minimum of 8 folks and you get to choose your own Date, Time and Painting. We have over 8,5000 paintings and counting to choose from. There are a variety of media that you can use - canvases of different size (16x20, 10x30, 12x12), screens, over 50 wooden shapes, Wooden Shiplap Pallets, Boards, Wine Glasses and more coming up. The cost of the private party is the same as our public class mostly at $35 (kids painting are $25) each and we charge per canvas. This means that you have someone that does not want to paint, it is totally free for them. We want them to be a part of your group and enjoy the experience even if they cannot or do not want to paint (subject to space of course). We can accommodate as many as 38 in our big room and 20 in the small room, so there is usually plenty of space. So whether it is Birthdays, Bachelorettes, Reunions, Baby Showers, Gender Reveals, Team Buildings, Corporate Events, Company Christmas Parties.. we have done them all. Since we have two rooms we can do these event literally anytime. You will get your own artist that will guide you through the painting step by step. Book Your Paint Party Now..

All ye that are scarred with your experience using watercolors come to Painting with a Twist in Evansville. We use fast drying Acryllic paint specially formulated for us. We break down each painting into small acheivable steps that makes it really easy to accomplish. In most cases in 2 hrs you will have a completed painting that you can take home. Our stage artists and floor artists are always there to assist and guide you, they even dole out hugs (well some of them do!). Check out our Upcoming Classes

A lot of our best-sellers involve skin tones and most people struggle with 'skin tones'. So we put this tutorial together to help you paint your skin tone just like our artists would in class. So for all those DIYers who have been to Painting with a Twist and have bought all that paint, canvas and brushes and want to practice at home, it is for you. Enjoy.