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Creative Uses for Your Paintings...

Did you know you can paint on different surfaces than canvas? We now have real wood boards and porch leaners, we have composite or particle boards and canvases. We occassionally offer wine glasses, too. By choosing to paint on different surfaces and allowing yourself to use your paintings in less traditional ways, you'll soon begin seeing possibilities everywhere. One of our wood board paintings could be propped up among other objects or plants on a covered front porch (you might want to spray your piece with polyurethane to protect if from dampness) or indoors on a shelf or even the floor. Use removable hangers to put paintings on door or even in windows to creat privacy. Consider paintings that would go in different rooms of the house or hallways. Pick up an easel at a craft store and display your paintings on it. Check the internet for ways to use your painting as the background for a collage by attaching photos. When looking at our calendar, consider painting something that someone you know would like as a gift. Paint Your Pet is an exceptionally thoughtful gift for someone who loves their pet and we can do all kinds...dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, you name it. 

Painting with a Twist is working to develop new products for you that are the quality you will be proud to have in your home or to give to someone important to you.

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