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Painting looks can it be relaxing?

We get lots of feedback from our customers and the top two things we hear are that it was super fun or very relaxing. The vibe you get from the paint experience has something to do with the time of week you come in and also what you are expecting. Every paint session has music and an instructor, those are standard. The most relaxing sessions to attend are weeknights and Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Here's how we take the stress out of painting even if you are a complete beginner. First, our paitnings are cleverly designed so that simple techniques are used so that you feel comfortable, but slightly challenged at times. Unless it is a 3-hour painting, not too many tiny details are involved. Our paint instructors have lots of experience and know how to break it down for you! The level of concentration needed to learn the techniques, mix your paint and get it on the canvas are just enough to push all the other daily details from your mind. By the end, our painters usually say they felt they'd had a chance to forget their cares and unwind. Does it seem like going out on a weeknight is too much effort and you won't get to rest up for the next day? Take the plunge into painting with us. Be refreshed in a new way.

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