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3 Awesome Experiences Your Valentine Will Absolutely Love

Here are our TOP 3 choices for Valentines Day F-U-N at the NJ Bayshore.  Each choice stands alone but for an absolutely memorable Valentine's experience we recommend combining all 3.  Make a day of it!  What counts is spending time together.  

1. Release the tension of the work week with some axe throwing

Let's be honest -- you probably wanted to say a few words to a few people during the work week, but you held your tongue because you're a professional.  Time to relieve that stress in a fun way.  Axe throwing is just the ticket.  These fun venues allow you to have a good time testing your accuracy skills with a hand axe.  They are great for couples as well as groups.  Whether it is just the 2 of you or a number of couples you can be sure you will have a good time. 

2. Spice It Up with some Indian Cuisine

Stimulate your taste buds with some of the fabulous Indian Cuisine we have in the area.

Try Neelam or Haldi Chowk, right on Route 35 in Middletown.  Both have excellent cuisine that will have you craving more.

3. Spend Quality Time With People You Love -- Having FUN

Put down the hand-held device.   Go ahead.   Put it down.  Put . . . put it down.

OK, we're always real with you, so let's admit that lots of people (possibly you) and like quite a few you know are definitely struggling with separation anxiety whenever they aren't looking at their phone or tablet.  How can they not?  The makers of these devices and the apps on them know fully well that they were carrying out a Pavlov's dog experiment.  The provide notifications and people release endorphines that cause pleasure because the notification sounds create the anticipation of using these highly addictive apps and games.

But then life is passing by.  We say it is time to claim life for your self.   Put the phone down, turn off notifications, grab a bottle of wine and come in to paint with us.

Let us distract you from the devices that addict you.  Get back to the simplicity of being creative, enjoying a good time and conversing with people that you want to be around.

It's EASY!  And it is therapeutic.  You will feel refreshed and proud of yourself for doing something different.

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