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5 Essential Things for the BEST Bachelorette Party Evah!

We got your bachelorette party, right here . . .

. . . yeah seriously.   We know.  We know.  You and many others are stressing over what to do for the bride-to-be.  Whether she is easy-going, picky or a bridezilla it's your job to make this event memorable.  Hey -- memorable does not equal stressful.  Got it?  You don't have to jump through hoops or make yourself nuts.  In fact, the less stressful you make the whole process the more fun everyone will have, starting with the weeks leading up to event when you have sent out invites and start getting on everyone's case to RSVP.  Why are RSVPs a problem these days anyway?  OK, here are our Five Essentials to a Great Bachelorette Bash.




#1 -  Make it About the Bride

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you know what the bride likes:  food, decor, fancy vs casual, easy-going vs. active, one thing vs. variety, just a meal vs. meal and something to do.  We happen to be partial about having a meal and something to do because it makes the event fun.  Anyone can go out to restaurant at the price range that suits their budget, have an enjoyable meal and then forget it a week later.  But give people something FUN to do and the whole situation changes -- they have something to talk about for days afterwards, they often get to try something new and they get the "wonder drug" of enjoying the activity with people.  That's key and it is especially beneficial for all the bridesmaids -- they're a team and they will feel more like a team when they do something together.  

We believe we have the perfect solution inside our our paint & sip studio.  

Here's how:

  1. You automatically get an activity with us:  painting!  Well, technically, if you are also sipping that counts as 2 activities (doesn't it???) -- we think.  And the the painting subject can be a favorite subject or something meaningful for the bride.  (Win!). We have so many (over 16,000) paintings in our art library.  Check some out on our calendar.
  2. Casual is more fun than formal, plus unless you have a clever ruse to surprise the guest of honor, you would need to trick her into wearing formal clothes.  Saying, "Hey, I booked us some seats at "the Twist" for a paint & sip event is most likely going to get a "Kewl!" response as opposed to "I got us some opera ticketssssssss -- go pull that gown out of the mothballs so we can dress upppppp!"
  3. Cuisine is easily addressed -- you order it from the bride's favorite place and bring it to the studio!  Or, everyone can pitch in with something bought or made.  Sometimes, the latter makes the event extra special because it is an extra act of giving that touches the bride.
  4. Event duration can be pre-arranged.  It is very easy and inexpensive to get extra time at our studio.  You just need to plan in advance.  It is so much better than getting the stink-eye from anxious staff at a restaurant because they need the room or tables you are occupying.
  5. It is easier to avoid having people become intoxicated when you BYO and avoid the hard liquor.



#2 Keep the Stress out of the Travel to/from the Event

What's the number one stressor for people going to an event, aside from being on time?  Parking!  Ughhhhhh, do we have stories!  What's worse:  parking in a garage and then walking blocks to the destination, having to do valet parking or having to search for a spot for 20 minutes and then feed the meter?  OK, they all suck.  Pick a place with a parking lot large enough so that everyone can self park conveniently and walk inside the venue within 1 to 2 minutes after parking.   What if it is raining?  No one wants to walk 5 blocks in the rain before a party.

  1. Make sure there is plenty of free parking
  2. Pick a place that is easily accessible via major roads.

Our studio is located off NJ-35, blocks from NJ-36 and in between Garden State Parkway exits 114 and 117 -- helloooooo convenience!



#3 - Throw Tradition Out the Window

OK, this one is easy -- it's 2020 and times have changed.  Make the event an experience to remember by doing "today" things.  You don't need a restaurant or a hat made out of bows or for it to be a women-only event.  Heck -- plenty of women would love to have their spouse/fiancee/partner join in the fun and plenty of men would really enjoy attending the event.  Sure, you want to invite people who have been invited to the wedding, but keeping it open so that they can bring their special someone makes the bachelorette party special.  More participants means more energy, laughter and smiles.


And if you are booking your event at our studio, make sure the guys who are coming know what a paint and sip studio actually is (some don't).


#4 Ask for Help

Once you know what you are going to do, form a team and delegate out some responsibility.  It is much easier to divide and conquer and get the plans squared away in a rock-solid manner.  No need for you to do all the chasing.  If you hold your event at our studio you wind up with a lot less work.  Here's how:

  • You can send invites via our website
  • Everyone can RSVP for the appropriate # of seats and pay individually
  • You can track all the responses
  • You can choose the painting online by favoriting 6 and then getting others to help select the final choice
  • We prep all the seats for the event
  • We clean up after the event
  • You can handle the booking with us and then delegate out the beverages, food, paper goods, desserts and picture taking (how easy for you)!


#5 - Have Someone Assigned to Take Quality Photos (and Videos)

Photos and videos can sometimes be an afterthought or an "oh crap" thing -- but someone needs to do it.   This is where it pays to have someone who will either participate and take photos or to dedicate someone to the photo-taking.   Here are some tips to help for this task.

  • Assign it to someone who knows what s/he is doing.  Just because someone has an iPhone 11 Pro does not mean that person knows how to use the camera (focus, depth of field, steady hand, photo enhancements for picture quality)
  • Don't leave it up to everyone to just take photos.  You might love that Aunt Bessie is whipping out her phone every 3 minutes, but those crappy iPhone 4 photos are so early 2000s in terms of quality -- plus how is that phone even still operating in the first place???
  • Whether it is the photo-taker or someone else, have someone assigned to enhance the photos.  While the newest cameras can take great shots, the software running the camera often makes decisions that are not optimal.  Tweaking white balance, saturation, tint, shadows and highlights can turn a "meh" picture into a stunning photo.  This event needs to be documented in the highest quality.


Well, OK now!  Ready to get that event scheduled?  We would LOVE to host you at our Holmdel studio.  

At Painting With A Twist we are all about fun and parties.  We're ready to help you plan the best-est-est bachelorette party.

Reserve a party on our website.   Call or text us at 732-226-2665.   Arrange to come see the studio.

We'll help you create a great event that will be remembered!


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