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What we're doing about COVID-19

Over the past day/week or so we have heard much about the Covid-19 virus both around the world and in the United States. We wanted to take a moment to let you know that your health and safety are our top priority and what we are doing to keep you safe and healthy. We take pride in our clean studio and on top of our daily cleaning/disinfecting of ALL the bathrooms, food serving surfaces, and wine openers, we have ADDED daily cleaning/disinfecting of all light switches, door handles and chairs used during class. Aprons will be sprayed with Lysol at the end of the class also. We will have single use plastic aprons here if you would prefer. We have lowered the maximum seating for each class to allow more space between painters.  Our cups and paint brushes are washed after each class in hot soapy water. We will be adding a disinfecting rinse of the cups and handles after they have been cleaned. In a large class, should you wish to be seated in a "less crowded" area please let us know when you arrive and we will happily move you! Like many other businesses we are following the advice of the CDC . We are also requiring sick employees to stay at home and to switch classes with other artists to keep everyone safe and healthy. At this time we are planning on opening this weekend, if you are concerned and would not like to come in, please contact us and we will work it out. If you have a private party planned and are uncomfortable moving forward please call the studio an we can reschedule.    Our company's goal is "to deliver a carefree escape that makes a difference in people's lives" and is why we will be working hard to keep our studio clean and healthy for your "escape."   Be Safe and Healthy! Christine & Regina

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