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Decor and Design

It's time to decorate!

You may not be able to tell by the temps, but Fall is really officially in full swing! So break out the everything pumpkin spiced and your warm and cuddly sweaters and let's get into the Fall spirit!  A great way to start is decorating around the house, both inside and out.  There's nothing that says Fall better than a few strategically placed mums and hay bales with an awesome custom made (by you) porch leaner. We've got lots of fun ways to greet your guests at the front door. Whether it's with a Happy Fall Y'all or an I Smell Children porch leaner, everyone will love it because you made it! 

Don't stop decorating at the front door.  You'll find lots of pumpkin themed paintings to scatter around the house, too.  

Go ahead, browse our calendar and pick your favorites.  Schedule your next Family Day, Date Night, Ladies Night, or a just for YOU Day Out or get a group together for a Private Event. Give us a call or text us at 817.225.4301 for more information. 

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