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Snow Cancellation Policies

Here is our studio policy regarding bad weather cancellations: Barring a significant snowstorm or ice event, our classes will go on. If you cancel when we have remained open, you will receive store credit if you notify us at least 6 hours prior to the event. THIS PERTAINS ONLY TO WEATHER RELATED Cancellations and is not our usual policy. You can contact us through text (610-565-9100) or email ( Texting us will reach us the fastest. Should our studio decide to close, due to weather, then we will be RESCHEDULING ALL PRIVATE events that are cancelled and moving ALL reservations along with it, working with any private party hosts to come up with a good reschedule date. If someone in your group cannot make the new date, you will have the option of store credit versus a full refund. This is ONLY IF our studio is the one cancelling...NOT if we stay open and you decide to cancel. Public events may or may not be rescheduled. Everyone will be notified by text or email of the rescheduled event and we also ask that private party hosts help to notify their guests. Please pay attention to texts and email for updates. Store credit comes to you via email in the form of a gift certificate that never expires.

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