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Why book a Painting Party?

We are a great place to host a wide variety of parties!

No matter if it is a Bachelorette party, Office Team Builder, Baby Shower, Family Reunion, Birthday/Anniversary, Scouts, Sports Teams or any other celebration we love them all!

We are a unique venue for any event you are looking to host!

Please read all info before requesting a party.

How do I reserve a spot for my party?

You can put a request in through our Party Request Link or call us at 302.660.1897 or email us at  Read on for further party information. 

How soon should I book?

Sooner the better! We require a minimum of 2.5 Weeks to book an event, and can book up to 6 months in advance.  Weekend slots go quickly, so more time may be needed.

Why book a party?

  1. You get to choose from ANY of over 8000 paintings - some are 2 hour and some are 3 hour classes (1.5 hours for children's parties).
  2. You get a private party room with your own artist, music selection and food sharing area.
  3. No set up, no clean up - just show up!
  4. It's the same price as a regular class.
  5. If you want extra time for your party, the studios can be reserved for an extra hour - Private Studio $50/hr, Main Studio $100/hr (subject to scheduling availability).
  6. We provide complimentary beverages just like our public classes, including beer & wine for adult parties.

When can I have a party?

7 days of the week & you name the time (9am-Midnight), subject to artist and studio availability.

Kids parties ages 6-12 may be booked 10am-6pm Mon-Fri and 10-4pm Sat-Sun. Our recommended minimum age to paint at our studio is 6. Children parties are not allowed during weekend evening hours.

What is the minimum and the maximum capacity?

The minimum number of guests required for a private party is 10. Our studio capacity is 72. If you are in need of a larger capacity, we also host offsite events, if you have a commercial location in mind (no residences).

Private studio seats 10 - 24

Main studio seats 15 - 48 (higher minimum seat requirements during prime evening/weekend time slots, contact studio for details)

What is the cost and is there a deposit for a party?

Deposit is the equivilent of (4) seats, (10) for offsite events.

Private parties can be booked either for a two-hour session at $43-53/painter (depending on art/medium/time slot) or a three-hour session at $53-63/painter.

Children’s parties, age 6-12, can be booked at $30/painter for a two-hour session if the painting selection is chosen from PWAT’s 1.5 hour (12 and under) category or $38-40 for Teen (2-Hr gallery). 

Your guests pay in advance, or you can pay as a group in advance. Acceptable forms of payment are all major credit cards or cash (we do not accept personal checks). 


  1. By WITH-IN 4-DAYS OF BOOKING, please reserve (4) seats, in lieu of a deposit.
    • If the minimum seats are not reserved timely, your date/time is subject to cancellation. 
    • Once deposit seats are reserved, you will be sent the Party Management Link
    • This link will allow you to view and select the artwork for your event and monitor guest reservations.
  2. By AT LEAST 2-WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT, event artwork must be selected. 
    • This allows adequate time for your artist to prepare for your event. 
    • If you do not select we will select for you!
  3. By AT LEAST 1-WEEK PRIOR TO EVENT, must have your minimum seats reserved.
    • Minimum (10) seats (Higher minimums for our Main Studio, vary by day of week and time slot -- i.e. Friday/Saturday evening minimum is 30)
    • Your party will AUTOMATICALLY be opened to the public if you do not meet your minimum by date listed. ** We DO NOT open Kids Parties to the public **

Deposit seat requirements, we only require that you reserve (4) seats to reserve your spot (must be reserved within 4-days of booking). You still get to pick the art, but 7 days before your event, if you have not met you minimum we make your event public (only applicable to events scheduled at least 2.5 weeks in advance). ** Note for events that are significantly below the minimum headcount, artwork is subject to change or party is subject to cancellation. We will work with you to find and acceptable alternative.

How do I know which painting I can choose for my party?

Once your private party is booked and either the deposit/minimum seats are reserved, we will send you our Party Managment Link to view the art gallery, select the artwork and monitor party reservations. We can help you narrow down the search and select the perfect art.

Do you offer any discounts on parties?

Kids 2-hour parties are discounted at $30/person (ages 6-12), art selection must be from PWAT Kid's 1.5 hour category. Teen 2-hour parties are discounted at $38-40/person, art selection from 2-hr category.

* Minimum of 10 people required for all parties. If you do not have 10 in your group, we can make you VIPs in the Main Studio for the evening in one of our public classes or ask about our GRAB5 pARTy option! 

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