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“You mean I have to leave my kid with you?”

Studio policy: Strict “no bystanders and no shared painting experience.” Hello Friends! I have to talk to you about kid classes, because I have had this phrase said to me on more than one occasion: “You mean I have to leave my kid with you?” It is because of this phrase that we don’t have many kid classes. Yes, you get to leave you kid with me, unless you chose to stay and paint your OWN painting. He or she will be safe and have a blast no matter which artist you leave your child with. There is always someone certified in CPR and 1st AID. I myself am trained in administration of epipens and because several of us are school teachers, we are also trained (sadly) in armed intruder defence. We have your phone number you provided during registration, so if anything comes up, we can call you. Your child will be safe. They will not be allowed to leave this studio until you walk through the door. If you are planning on your child riding with someone else - you tell us or we call you. Emotionally and behaviorally: Guess what? Most of us have kids, are teachers (with behavioral training), or have worked extensively in art summer camps, or all of the above. Your little bean will be safe, loved, and interacted with throughout the painting experience. It is OK to leave your child with us for 1.5 hours. Go do something for yourself. Get a coffee, wander around a book store, go buy groceries, speed clean your house, get your nails done - take some time for you! Or just sit in your car in silence. Your call. Happy painting and hope to see your little beans at the next kids class! Tyra

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