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DID YOU KNOW?!? Painting With A Twist Missoula is a locally owned small business. Yep! Both owners are UM Alumni. Both owners work full time professional jobs in addition to owning and operating the studio. We also have two delightful children. A dog. A mortgage on a very small house in Missoula. We are #blessed and #thankful for everything our hard work has produced. We are an independently owned and operated small business in Missoula, Montana – not a massive corporation. It is easy to forget that there are people – real people – behind the name. We employ amazing local artists in the Missoula community to instruct painting classes. All artists also work full time professional jobs – in addition to working at the studio. We all work hard to ensure you have the best experience you can have in studio. Come and paint with us! Register for a public class OR maybe a Painting With A Purpose. Bring some drinks. Maybe some friends – and just chill for a couple of hours while we boss you around. See you soon!

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