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Painting with a Twist FAQ


Q: What are the prices for a class? 
A: Two-hour classes are offered for $35- and three-hour classes for $45. Select Family Friendly classes offered for $25 once per month.


Q: When do you post a new monthly schedule? 
A: The calendar is posted on the 15th of every month.


Q: Do we do offsite event's?
A: Yes, we do, All Offsite events have a 12-painter minimum Monday through Thursday.  Friday through Sunday events have an 18-painter minimum. The event host will be responsible for Final Payment ensuring event minimums have been met.  For all offsite events FULL payment must be paid 48 hours prior to the start of the event, unexpected painters will be added and paid for as needed during the event. We do not host offsite fundraising events. While we will make every effort to ensure no paint can be spilled, Host must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement in the event any damage does occur during your event. 


Offsite fees are as follows, within 5 miles of the studio there is a 1 time $29 fee, 5-12 miles there is a 1 time $49 fee, 12-30 miles there is 1 time $99 fee. Further than 30 miles please call.


Q: Will my painting be dry by the end of the night? 
A: Yes, if there are a few damp places we will have hair dryers which will dry them quickly.


Q: At what time should I arrive for class? 
A: Fifteen to thirty minutes would be plenty of lead time.


Q: Do you do reserved seating? 
A: Yes


Q: Will you have wine openers and cups? 
A: Yes, we supply wine openers and cups.


Q: Since it is around dinner, can we bring food? 
A: Yes, feel free to bring in a snack.


Q: What do I wear? 
A: Whatever is comfortable, and you don't mind if a little paint gets on it. We will have old aprons for you if you need them.


Q: Do I need a reservation? 
A: We do require reservations with payment to secure seats and we require a 24-hour cancellation. No calls/no shows will not be issued store credit or refunds


Q: Do you do private parties? 
A: Yes, we can accommodate up to 36 people. See Party Info


Q: What size is the canvas? 
A: We use a 16 x 20-inch canvas.


Q: Is there an age limit?
A: As of January 1, 2014, all classes or parties after 6pm Monday through Saturday must be 18 or older unless otherwise posted. Sunday is always all ages welcome. Please know that if your child does not enjoy or want to paint for the duration of the class that refunds are not issued, experience tell us that children under the age of 7 often do not have that patience to sit through an entire class so please book at your own discretion. Children who cannot remain seated or cause a continued disturbance may be asked to leave. Any child under the age of 7 will require an adult present at all times.  We recommend age 7 and older for Family Day or afternoon classes. For Kids Parties ages 7-12. Please note that it is the law that you have to be 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages. 


Q:  What is your cancellation policy?


Cancellation Policy:


Please note our policy to cancel applies to individuals in all public and private events.


  • If you notify the studio more than 48 hours from your reservation date, a refund will be issued upon request minus a 10% processing fee.
  • If you notify the studio 24 hours or less from your reservation date a studio credit will be issued for your use towards a future class, our Voicemail is time stamped. 
  • If you notify the studio 2 hours or less from the class start time, no refund or credit will be issued. 
  • Private Event Hosts follow the cancellation policy terms outlined in the Private Event Agreement signed by host.
  • Bad Weather: Class will cancel if a weather emergency is declared or we determine the roads to be too unsafe to travel on, otherwise our cancellation policy is as stated above. In the rare case of a class canceling due to poor weather conditions, studio credit will be issued to all registered guests. Please see our website for updates in a case of questionable weather.
  • Late Arrivals: If you arrive 15 minutes or more late you may not be allowed to paint and lose the registration fee. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled class time and we will have a blast! 


 PLEASE NOTE - Infants and small children are not permitted in public classes.


Q: What is your refund policy for Paint Your Pet?
A: Paint Your Pet requires 72-hour cancelation notice, Canvas Pre Sketch-is completed and we can not issue a refund within 72-hours. 

Painting with a Twist reserves the right to cancel classes for unforeseen circumstances. Registrants will be notified at least 24 hours prior to class time and refunds will be processed.





Alcohol Policy

We are currently BYOB you must be 21 to consume alcohol. BYOB is allowed for Wine & Beer ONLY- NO LIQUOR. Drink Responsibly. 100% ID required for ANYONE consuming alcohol.

Age Policy

At PWAT, all classes or parties after 6pm on Sunday through Thursday after 6pm must be at least 15 years of age and accompanied by an adult if under 18. Friday and Saturday after 6pm is 18+ only. Ages 7 and older to attend our Family Day classes.

Painting with a Twist