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5 Ways to Celebrate Mom this Year

Well Mother's Day is just around the corner and this year it will be a little different than most.  Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Mom and the great job she has been doing this year!

  1. Gardening - if you haven't already finished your Spring beautification help Mom create a raised garden or pot garden.  Have it filled with her favorite flowers and herbs.  You can also create themed pot gardens like pizza gardens, salsa gardens or spaghetti sauce gardens!  Lowe's and Home Depot plant sections have some gorgeous pots and lots of yummy veggies, herbs and great smelling flowers!
  2. Cook for Mom - going out to Mom's favorite resaurant may be a little difficult this year, so why not try to recreate some of her favorite dishes at home?  Is Mom a chicken and waffles person?  Research the recipe and surprise her!  Does she have a sweet tooth?  Make her favorite dessert!  Send her out of the kitchen with a Mimosa in hand, her favorite book and YOU take over the cooking duties.  Not such a great cook?  Keep the recipe simple!  Spaghetti, garlic bread and canned sauce are goof proof.  Grill chicken or steak, make a salad, get some fruit, biscuits from a can.  All that will really matter is that a) YOU did it and b) MOM didn't have to cook!
  3. At Home Spa Day - Treat Mom to an at home spa day.  Has she been missing those pedis and manis?  Is she longing for a facial or a massage?  Amazon (yes, the go to place for almost everything) has some great products like Baby Foot Foot Peel (love this one!).  Make her a DIY hand salt scrub (1 cup salt - the coarser the better, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil [this is optional] put in an airtight jar).  Buy her some pretty nail polish and help her paint her nails or give her a massage (massage machines are available on Amazon too!)
  4. Twist at Home Kit - Does Mom love art?  Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach has over 150 painting kits available to paint at home so Mom can stay safe and healthy. There are even 5 new ones added specifically for Mother's Day and 15 with Online Video Instruction so she can paint at her leisure.  Kits come complete with choice of surface (canvas, wood, pallet, glass), all paints needed to complete her painting, paint brushes, disposable apron, napkins, paper plates, table covering, complete written instructions and disposable cup.  Mommy and Me options are also available. Order online, arrange curbside pickup and give Mom a few hours to relax and have fun!  Don't forget a bottle of her favorite wine, beer or soft drink!
  5. Live Virtual Mother's Day Event - Sign Mom up for one of Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach's Live Virtual Mother's Day Events.  Mother's Day weekend is just chock full of Live Virtual events ranging from Mommy and Me foxes, unicorns and bees for Mom and the kids to Beautiful Butterflies, Sassy Divas and Gorgeous Flower Bouquets for Mom and her adult children.  Is Mom a Diva lover?  Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach has 2 different sets of Divas that can be customized to fit her family!  One was even created by a Myrtle Beach artist!  Grab some of her friends and they can make it a virtual pARTy.  It's as easy as (1) Registering online  (2) picking up your COMPLETE KIT (minus instructions as a Zoom link will be emailed to Mom for the is LIVE after all [insert smiley face here]) and (3) clicking in on the link provided with Mom's drink of choice and a snack!  Move the kiddos to another room and watch her relax!

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