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What Mom's REALLY Want for Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day 2021 is just around the corner and if you are like the typical person you are probably wondering what Mom wants for Mother's Day.  Well we're here to give you a few ideas!

1.  FOOD - that's right, Food! Mom likes to eat.  Taking her out to dinner is great, breakfast or brunch, sure thing.  But the thing Mom really wants is her own stash of her favorite food be that chocolate, tea, giant cinnamon rolls, boozy ice cream, wine or cookies! In other words, she wants to hide it where you all can't get to it!

2.  SLEEP - A whole weekend of blissful 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep would be wonderful and what Mom would absolutely love.  If she can't get that she would truly settle with just one day and maybe a nap thrown in for good measure.  NO kiddos, no barking dogs, no mewoing cats.  Total silence.

3. Time Alone - Mom would like to spend some time alone, away from you, her loving family and children.  So why not send her away for a few hours.  Let her get her nails done, get a massage, or paint a painting at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach on Mother's Day Weekend.

4. Time with You - On the opposite side of the coin, if you are a grown child, Mom would love to spend some time with you.  So why not do something with her.  Take a walk on the beach where you can talk.  Do a wine or whiskey tasting.  Tour a museum or join us at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach for one of our creative and bonding Mother's Day events where you and Mom can make memories together and bring home beautiful art you created to remember the day by!



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