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5 Fun Summer Activites for Kids

Summer break is upon us and we are all wondering what to do with the kiddos to get them OUT of the house and AWAY from the screen (as they have spent waaay too much time in front of one lately).  Well we here at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach have some ideas for you!

  1. Pick Your own....whatever...  Find a You Pick Farm and pick some fresh peas, strawberries, blueberries, beans then take them home and let the kiddos make a meal with them!  Don't be surprised if your kiddo eats more than they pick!  May we suggest Indigo Farms just over the border in Calabash NC.
  2. Camping:  Never been before?  Try a backyard camping trip complete with s'mores.  Rent a cabin at a KOA or Yogi park or for the really adventurous, get yourself a REAL tent, (not a camper or RV) and rough it... the kids will love it!
  3. Twist Kids Camp: Check out Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach's Calendar and join us for one of our fun themed weeklong painting camps!  With six different themes over the course of the summer we are sure there is one that is bound to stir your child's imagination and creativity!  Join us for the week or the day!
  4. Picnic on the Beach:  Hey, we live in Myrtle Beach and some kiddos have NEVER even been to the beach!  Pack your swimsuits, a towel, a lunch and spend the day picnicking at the beach.  How many seashells can your kiddos collect?  Who can build the biggest, best sand castle?  No big holes please!
  5. Get the Summer Homework done: Okay, this might NOT qualify as a Fun activity, but your child WILL have a whole lot  more fun knowing they don't have to worry about it at the last minute!  Set aside 2 or 3 hours on a Specified day each week and slowly chip away at that summer reading list, math or whatever homework your child has.  Come end of the Summer there won't be a last minute, mad, crazy dash to get it all done and heahaches will be avoided all around!

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