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Date Night?

We think we are the best date night in the Pensacola area! Recently, a friend asked me, why would couples come to paint together? At first, I laughed a bit to myself,after all, she knows what we do, but after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion, that if my friend wondered about it, there must be lots of people in Pensacola that really don't understand what we do and why we are a great place to escape with your honey! I think the first reason is, most people never pick up a paintbrush, unless they are painting their home. Many of our first time guests, (we fondly call you, Our Painting Virgins) are a bit intimidated by "art", especially the fellas! We get you! We are FUN art! Not FINE art! It's all about having a good time doing something different with people you like,,,hopefully, your most important person! The second reason in my opinion, is many couples don't have any time away from some type of screen. Let's face it, as much as our phones, tablets, and PC's have enhanced our lives in many ways, they also, have brought a bit of intrusion. Do we ever unplug? It's pretty difficult to paint with a brush in one hand and a libation in the other and still be totally accessible! Most of our guests choose to use their phones very little in class, maybe to take a selfie, but seldom to be connected to the daily tasks in their worlds. The third compelling reason I think is we are so different from other types of "date nights"! Movies, concerts, theater, dinner out, clubs and bars all offer fun times, but at the end of the evening, what do you go home with, how much do you interact with the person sharing the time with you? When you paint & party with us, you bring your favorite drinks and snacks, we supply everything for the painting creation, and do all the set up and clean up! During your time with us, not only do you engage with the person you came with, we find our guests have fun with others in the class, and with our fantastic instructors! And when the class is finished, you go home with the fun of the evening and a momento of the evening! So, the next time you are considering what to do for your date night, check out our calendar, grab your favorite person, drinks and snacks and come on over!

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