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Fresh & Fun Painting Events

Welcome to our Fresh & Fun Painting Events! We are passionate about creating a space where people can feel free to express their creativity and have a great time. Our painting events are designed for everyone, from beginners to more seasoned artists. We provide everything you need, all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Snowy Spiral Starry Night - November 1

Join us on November 1st at 7 PM for our Snowy Spiral Starry Night event. This event is all about the magic of a winter's night. Let your creativity shine as bright as the stars as you explore the beauty of a snowy landscape on canvas. The cost is $42 per painter.

Pensacola Lighthouse Blues - November 2

On November 2nd, immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Pensacola Lighthouse Blues event. Starting at 7 PM, you will get to paint a beautiful lighthouse scene with a stunning blue background. This event costs $41 per painter.

Blacklight Bright Starry Night - November 3

Experience the mystery and wonder of a starry night in a whole new way. Join our Blacklight Bright Starry Night event on November 3rd at 7 PM. This event brings a fun twist to painting with the use of black light. The cost is $43 per painter.

Deer at Sunrise - November 4

Join us for the Deer at Sunrise event on November 4th from 3 to 5 PM. Paint a peaceful sunrise scene with a graceful deer in the foreground. This event ranges from $42 to $49 per painter, depending on your chosen package.

3-Mile Bridge - November 4

Later on November 4th at 7 PM, we have the 3-Mile Bridge event. This event is all about capturing the majestic view of the 3-Mile Bridge on canvas. The cost is $43 per painter.

BYOB 21+

All our events are BYOB for those 21 and over! Feel free to bring your favorite wine or beer to help get the creative juices flowing.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Fresh & Fun Painting Events!

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