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Philadelphia, PA - Rittenhouse Painting with a Twist Blog

As per the directive issued by Governor Wolf we are postponing all of our events scheduled through March 27th. Should this change we will notify you, our loyal Twisters. We will be checking emails and calls daily, responding as soon as we can. If you have a reservation during this time period we will be reaching out to reschedule. We can’t thank you enough for being loyal guests. Until we paint together again, please keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

We are so excited to share the paintings coming up in February! We have picked out some fabulous, new paintings that are going to make your Winter Wonderful! Winter painting and wine seem to go so well together. Let's get a little twisted soon, Check out our calendar!


The Kids Aren't Home!

The kids are back in school! Parents, you can have a breather now and perhaps take some time for yourself? How about doing a morning class with some of your friends at your own private party? Mom’s group? There is no extra cost to host a private party and you get the whole studio to yourselves! You only need 10 people! Please reach out to us for information on how to start booking your event.

This summer, get 10 friends together, and the 11th paints for FREE! Get 15 friends together and the 16th and 17th paint for FREE! Birthdays, family reunions, team-building or any other reason to celebrate? This stress-free, fun event may just be what your group needs. It isn't any more expensive to host a private party than attend a public class, so get some friends together and party at one of our two studios! Email Cassie at at Rittenhouse Square or email Anth ... Read More

There are so many reasons why art is a wonderful escape! It gets children away from their tech devices and gives them the opportunity play with color and be creative. Here, family classes are suitable for children aged 6 and up. Of course, those young at heart can also join these classes! Parents, event grandparents can enjoy their time with art fun. Did you know that artistic endeavors strengthens children's problem-solving and critical-thinking skills? The experience of making decisions ... Read More


2 hours to spare?

We are all busy! Corporate lives, soccer Moms, working parents, business owners.... we just never have any "Me" time, anymore! Take up a hobby, people say. Learn a new craft. Who on earth has the time to sign up for weekly classes? Well, do you have 2 hours to carve out? Two hours to spend on "YOU? Painting is so therapeutic, and we have had many painters tell us that they love coming because all they have to worry about for 2 whole hours, is what they are painting. No work or personal stress en ... Read More


Remember loving art?

"Did you know that you can use the benefits of art to express your creative side, reduce stress and get in touch with your feelings. I think most of us knew this instinctively as kids: virtually all of us know the joys of sculpting something (with play-dough), painting something (with fingers), or drawing (with crayons and other materials). However, other than making random doodles in the margins of a page while you’re on killing time, if you’re like most adults, you don’t express yourself wi ... Read More

We can't believe that it's already time for the Holidays! Our December calendar is up and running and we are offering so Holiday / Winter paintings that there is sure to be one that speaks to you! So bring the spiked eggnog and some Holiday Cheer and come on by! We can't wait to paint with you!


It's Fall Y'all

Is anyone else CRAZY excited for the start of Fall? Well, we can barely wait here at Painting with a Twist Rittenhouse! Just look at our calendar; it's covered with brown leaves and orange pumpkins! Check it out and bring in the best season with some paint and some pumpkin flavored vodka! Can't paint with you!

This Saturday from 12pm-2pm Painting with a Twist Rittenhouse is holding a truly unique class! All ages are welcome to come and express theirselves by painting their very own zodiac sign. With the school year right around the corner why not cram in one more fun Saturday afternoon before homework, and schedules kick in!

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