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Art Spotlights

Paint POUR with a Twist


Are you looking for a new art style to really amp up your decor game? Or maybe you’re searching for something to pour yourself into or simply a reason to pour yourself a drink. Whatever the goal, Twist South Side's Paint Pour events are just what you need!


Each pour painting is truly one of a kind. Even the same artist will not be able to recreate the same work of art twice. From how you combine paints to how the canvas is tilted, many factors affect the outcome of your creation. That’s what makes paint pouring so exciting – the art surprises the artist!

You can pour a single color onto your canvas at a time, or you can create a striking, marble-looking creation with just a couple pours of various colors. You might even choose to do something called a “dirty pour,” which means mixing colors in your cup prior to pouring them on your canvas. Dirty pours create all kinds of funky, interesting, and unexpected patterns.

With beginner paint pouring, half the fun is experimenting with colors and techniques!

Ready to try your hand at this fantastic new art style? Unwind with a Paint Pour event at a Twist South Side, and enjoy an evening of drinks and relaxation as you create your very own work of art. Find an event on our calendar.

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