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General Party Info: (Please read all information before requesting a party)

Here at TWIST we love to host private parties! Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, bridal showers, divorce parties, corporate events, holiday celebrations, kids' parties, Kids camps, family time and more! In our events we use acrylic paints on stretched canvas and teach the class step-by-step through the specific painting you choose for your event. We have a selection of 7000+ paintings! Fill out the party request form below after you have read all of the information. If you do not have enough guests, please contact us ASAP! We can get you a table at our public painting for your whole party or we can open your party up as a public painting and you can have your own table for this event as well! The sooner we know about your party the better! The rooms are first come first serve! If your request is made during office hours we will respond promptly, if outside office hours we will respond with your request within 24 hours.


We require a minimum of 10 painters in the Family Room or Bar Room Monday through Thursday. On Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays the minimum is 13 in the Bar Room and 12 in the Family Room, but we can accommodate up to 28! If you do not have enough guests, please contact us ASAP! We can usually seat your entire group at one table in one of our our scheduled public paintings, or we can convert your private party into a scheduled public painting! The sooner we know about your party the better we can staff and prepare for your party! The rooms are first come first serve! 

If you wish to have a private party but do not have the minimum number of guests required, and do not want to have a public party, you are welcome to pay for the required minimum number of guests to keep your party private.  Example: A private party on Monday evening requires 10 guests, but Suzie has a party of only 5.  Suzie can choose to pay the required 10 seat minimum to keep her party private, even though only 5 people will attend!

How do I pay for my Event?

To reserve your requested time and date you must pay a non-refundable deposit.  This deposit will be converted into a credit for 5 seats upon full payment of your party. This means there is no extra fees required to host a private party!

You can then purchase all the seats for the event, or you can share the party management link with your guests so they can pay independently. Your event will be passcode protected so you can share your code only to guests you would like to attend.

7 days before your event the remaining balance is due, but you are welcome to pay early at any time. You or your guests can pay online via your party management link or via the calendar. Any events not paid in full will be converted to a public event or cancelled. It is your responsibility to maintain your event as private by paying before the 7-day period. Once the remaining balance is paid, you are still welcome to add additional guests to your party any time within the 7 day period leading up to your party!

If you have an emergency and the time/date no longer works with you, we can work with you to reschedule your event.

Are we allowed to bring in beverages and food?

No outside beverages are permitted.  We sell beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks at great prices! 

Finger foods are welcome! Remember you are painting most of the time so finger foods are best! You are also welcome to order food (like pizza!) directly to the studio, as long as you are present to receive it and make payment for it.

When do we arrive for our party?

We recommend arriving 15-20 min early to get smocked, socialize, take pre-pictures, & in your seat! If you desire more time to unwind, visit with friends & breathe before we get Twisted, we invite you to arrive up to 30 min prior to start time- It is your happy ½ hour time. If you have party decorations to set up, we recommend using the 1/2 hour prior to class to decorate as well. If you wish for extra time it can be purchased for a flat fee of $50 per half hour (please let us know in advance!).

What if I want a special music playlist for my event?

We have a Spotify account for each studio room. So if you wish to have a special playlist then create a Spotify account, create your own playlist and name it before your event. You can then find your playlist on our studio device to play via our speaker system.

If you have more questions, please review the FAQ tab. If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQ tab please feel free to call during office hours or email. Thank you and we look forward to hearing about your party needs!

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