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Why your next team building exercise should involve painting

If art is the world’s universal language, why aren’t more businesses using creative exercises for team building?

Creative arts programs are a great place to start. They build and strengthen your team while bringing everyone closer together for a more harmonious workplace. 

Not sure if a paint party is a great idea for your business?

Creative activities such as painting relieve stress, aid communication and help stymie cognitive decline, according to Harvard. Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art can help people with depression, anxiety, or cancer, too.

So, what is team building anyway?

Small to midsize companies with several staff members face inevitable challenges of conflicting personalities. Team building ultimately transforms groups into a focused, cohesive team that learn to achieve certain goals.

When the intentions and energies of a group are joined to attain a common objective, companies can more easily satisfy the needs of their clients and customers because the entire staff learns to work together. Structured team building activities teach people how to cooperate on a daily basis, how to complete job requirements and how to work together to perform tasks. Goals can be reached more quickly and directly, without conflict or misunderstandings. 

By designing a set of team procedures and norms, group members experience better interaction by rediscovering what’s in the best interests of the team.

Who needs team building?

Small to midsize businesses, large institutions or even small organizations could benefit from team building exercises. In places where a variety of personalities and work habits converge on short-term projects and long-term programs, team building can be a valuable tool to establish trust, to develop good communication, and to tap into creativity that helps teams reach and sustain high performance. 

Here’s who benefits:

Group Leadership Team: Whether this team is made up of individual employees, department heads, division coordinators or senior managers, your leadership team members have the major task of creating a goal-focused, cohesive and well-motivated team that can lead your enterprise toward high levels of positive cooperation and productivity. This team must be responsible for the strategic and unique direction of your company or entity and its continuing path to success. Your leadership team must create plans, determine goals, offer guidance and oversee all that your department, business or larger group aspires to achieve.

Staff Morale and Incentive Team: This vital team is created to brainstorm, form ideas and structure plans to help ensure a positive attitude and cooperative spirit among all employees or members of your organization. The members of this team may collaborate on fundraising projects for charities, coming to the aid of an ill employee, planning company social events or hosting lunchtime staff incentive meetings. This team plans celebrations for heralding employee contributions and attainments, company milestones, staff member birthdays, newborn babies and more. 

Eco-Friendly and Worker Safety Team: This important group works as a team to help ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and company leaders. Environmentally safe work habits, regular fire drills, workplace safety seminars or discussions and safe, tidy housekeeping checklists can all help create and maintain a secure, health-enhancing work environment. 

Worker Health and Wellness Team: This group is centered on promoting health and wellness practices, incentives and activities for all in the workplace. Free health-promoting and protective screenings for common health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart health are also very valuable team projects. This team can also sponsor forums concerning healthy diets, good budgeting habits or attractive employee investment opportunities and products.

Company Culture, Communication and Action Team: This team group is focused on identifying and defining the company culture of your business that will energize and motivate it toward ultimate success. Team members also work together to nurture and support healthy worker input in the daily lifestyle and activity of the business. Good communications are essential for your company to thrive and succeed.

How PWAT’s team building programs work

As the first and largest, innovative paint-and-sip franchise, Painting with a Twist in Pooler puts a new twist on corporate team building success with its original team-building program. This unique plan and activity enables companies of all types and sizes in a variety of industries to inspire and motivate their employees while creating unique, engaging and highly enjoyable artworks as a cohesive group. 

As a team, they combine their vision, focus and talents to create a company image, logo, mural or floor painting that exhibits a major business objective, strategy or goal. This enterprise presents a new perspective and fresh understanding of corporate team building by focusing on individual and group-minded creativity. Painting parties combine this collective talent, insight and output for the overall benefit of the whole company community and active purpose.

Group mural painting, for instance, involves a variety of people working together to create a cohesive piece. This particular class fosters good communication, creative problem solving and learning how to work together. Other programs include group portrait creations or motivational color painting — which enhance and empower morale and productivity of your team. 

PWAT painting parties will strengthen your team

PWAT’s fun-filled artistic enterprise provides venues to build teams through collective art involving individuals and groups of all types and ages. This outstanding franchise has held the No. 1 ranking in the paint-and-sip category for the past two years as part of Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 edition. This leading ranking is due to the franchise's top caliber corporate support team and its creative innovations in technologies, processes and techniques.

Your business team will thrive and grow in multiple ways through its involvement in PWAT team-building exercises and events. Painting sessions offer ideal bonding opportunities for the members of your company team. Each session is led by experienced artists who love sharing the joys and fulfillment of producing artworks in a relaxed, comfortable, encouraging and completely enjoyable atmosphere.

PWAT’s casual, fun and inviting environment enable company employees to realize the true value and importance each and every team member offers for the overall productivity and success of the business. Staff members learn how to collaborate patiently and positively with growing support and trust for one another while engaged in the creative, free and enthralling activity of producing a work of art together. 

When employees create an attractive and meaningful mural, series of wall paintings or floor art that can be displayed and enjoyed on a daily basis in their employee lounge, cafe or conference room, they gain a sense of belonging to an important group as successfully collaborating individuals.

Employees learn to appreciate and trust their artistic talents as a valuable means of expressing, communicating and realizing their greatest visions together. This sense of oneness and of making vital company contributions as a cooperative group enable your staff members at all levels to realize their highest potential. When your entire staff is joined in unison as a dynamic, dauntless, high-achieving and fun-loving group of company team professionals, success will have no limits.

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