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Creative Techniques

10 Ways Painting With A Twist Helps Your Mental Health

The simple act of drawing a brush around a canvas with paint invites people from around the world to express themselves, to record a special moment or to capture a feeling in time. From nurturing creativity to releasing stress, painting has the power to change your life from the inside out.

Here are ten ways Painting With A Twist helps your mental health:

Painting nurtures creativity

Art inspires the expression of thoughts. Art ignites the imagination. And art helps maintain your overall well-being. With painting, you are physically transforming a blank canvas into a captivating image with bold colors and textures.

According to a Drexel University study, just 45-minutes of art making improves self-esteem. Emotionally and mentally, you're exploring another side of your personality and attitude. As you work on a project, your confidence also deepens as you solve problems and gain new skills. Participating in activities like paint-and-sip parties at

Painting With A Twist unlock a wondrous sense of play that nurtures your creativity.

Painting introduces new cultures Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist, you are challenging yourself to discover the vibrant history of artists that have come before you. By interacting with other aspiring artisans, you're opening yourself up to thinking about the world in a different light. Once you start painting, you'll be inspired to dive further into a world of extraordinary styles.

PWAT Paint pARTIes create a bonding experience

Painting is an experience everyone enjoys – young, old, single, married, as a family gathering and bonding experience for your business. With Painting With a Twist, you don't have to lock yourself away in a studio to be an artist.

Painting With A Twist offers all types of classes — such as girl's night out, date nights, and team building — in a non-judgmental group environment where everyone relaxes and enjoys each other's company. Here, you build unique relationships.

Painting unleashes pent-up emotions

The variety of color, shading, and texture from your painting communicates what you're going through if you're in the midst of trying to make sense of your feelings and thoughts. For people suffering from dementia or who are in recovery from trauma, art therapy helps express emotions that are difficult to put into words. Art enables a full spectrum of emotions — joy, sadness, and fear — to flow seamlessly from your mind to what you are creating with your hands. Not only are you releasing emotions that you might have built up over time, but loved ones are better able to relate and to understand what you’re trying to say.

Painting releases stress

No one is a stranger to experiencing some kind of stress in their life. But too much of it can make you frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned-out. Doing something creative releases the pressure you are facing, especially as personal challenges feel burdensome and time-consuming. A study published by the Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association revealed that participating in a creative activity for 45 minutes can reduce hormone levels and cortisol. Even just one session of painting alleviates stress and heals your body towards feeling better.

Painting increases emotional intelligence

When you visit an art museum, the exhibits you're observing expand your empathy and tolerance, because you're naturally encouraged to put yourself in the artist's shoes. The power to transform others also exists when you paint because you are communicating your sense of self to the outside world. Taking a concept and learning how to craft it into a tangible creation takes patience and stamina. It also has the ability to improve your mood by creating harmony between your heart and mind. You are taking yourself out of the realm of moving from one schedule to another and offering yourself the gift of truly being in touch with your mind and body.

Painting strengthens cognitive skills

Your emotions and creativity aren't the only part of you that grows while painting. Your cognitive skills also improve. By bringing an object or landscape to life on canvas, your concentration deepens as you intend on making the right gestures and following an instructor's directions. Your hand-eye coordination also improves as your hand dips a brush back into the paint and onto the canvas to generate highlights and shadows. After you leave Painting With A Twist, you can adopt these cognitive tools into your everyday life and even participate in another class.

Painting reestablishes the present moment

Smartphones allow us to stay connected with the rest of the world, but what happens when you can't stop scrolling through social media or the internet? If the thought of turning off your phone makes you cringe, you are not alone. For the past several years, neurologists have been documenting that an addiction to technology effectively shifts our mindset to think about what we are missing out on. Painting reconnects you to the present moment by putting you into the flow of enjoying an experience as it unfolds. By unplugging from the rest of the world at a paint and sip class, you are focusing on the task at hand and not letting your attention split into a thousand different directions.

Painting silences your inner critic

Did you know social media can generate feelings of self-doubt, envy, and anxiety? Psychology Today points out that comparing yourself to other people is a natural part of wiring in your brain; however, too much of it can lead to over-valuing other people's careers, personalities, looks, etc. more than your own. Painting allows you to turn off the strain of self-judgment. Giving yourself time to cultivate a beautiful piece of artwork helps silence your inner critic and renew your sense of self.

Painting enhances your day-to-day life

Busy is the new black. Everyone has an endless to-do list to accomplish. When you're finished with one task, it seems like several more pop up. Every so often you need to take a break from your hectic lifestyle and just do something fun. Painting provides an invaluable opportunity to acquire a new passion, look at your life differently, and gain helpful skills. At Painting With A Twist, everyone has a great time – socializing, learning something new, and feeling passionate about what they create. Whether you paint and sip with family, your spouse or team members, life is bound to feel more colorful, imaginative and fun with Painting With a Twist.

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