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Six Awkward-Free Steps for Making New Friends

Maintaining friendships in adulthood can be a struggle, but making new friends can feel downright impossible! Fortunately, with a little effort, cultivating quality relationships as an adult is something anyone can achieve. Get on the road to healthy, lasting friendships with these tips for making new friends as an adult.

1. Figure out what kind of friend you are.

Before you get too caught up in learning how to make more friends as an adult, it’s important (and eye-opening) to consider what you enjoy, what you want, and what you bring to the table.

Are you searching for a big, rowdy group of friends to explore local bars with? Are you eager to find one or two friends to join you on your morning jogs? Maybe you’d like to start a book club and can’t wait to recruit some fellow bookworms. Once you really think about the kinds of friends you want in your life, you’ll have a better idea of where you might find them.

More importantly, consider the kind of friendship you’re offering. It’s cliché but true: you attract what you put out there. Are you loyal? Are you trustworthy? Are you caring, fun to be around, and generous? This is the perfect time to consider if there is anything you can work on to be the best friend possible.

2. Do activities that you enjoy.

The easiest way to find friends who like the same things as you is to go do those things! It can feel awkward attending activities while on a mission to mingle, but it’s one of the best ways to connect with people who share your interests.

If you’re a sports junkie, join a local intramural team or start watching games at the local sports bar. Join a knitting club, take a yoga class, socialize at the farmer’s market – go to the places that you enjoy and engage in your hobbies! There, you can strike up conversations with likeminded individuals. You may be surprised by how receptive people are to making new friends.

3. Embrace your local network.

Some of the very best friends start off as a “friend of a friend.” Even if you don’t see a potential best friendship with your coworker or your neighbor, you certainly may find a kindred spirit through your extended network.

Join your coworker for a lunch with friends, accept your neighbor’s invitation to their cookout, go on a double date with your partner’s acquaintances, and humor your mom by getting coffee with her college roommate’s kid. You never know where you’ll find your people!

4. Be open to trying new things.

While frequenting your favorite places and activities is helpful, branching out is a smart way to get out of a rut if you’re having trouble making friends. Not an artist by nature? Join a paint event at Twist-Pooler. There, you’ll have the ability to meet new friends while laughing at your artistic abilities (or lack thereof). At Twist-Pooler, it’s all about creating fun art, not fine art during our painting classes. Getting out of your comfort zone is invigorating, and you’ll get the opportunity to cross paths with all new people (A.K.A. potential new friends).

5. Say yes to opportunities and invitations.

Putting yourself out there is hard, making small talk after a long work week is exhausting, and trying something new can be nerve-wracking, but that’s how you’ll start forming friendships. When you’re presented with an invitation, activity, or opportunity, say yes!

Putting yourself out there isn’t always easy or even appealing; maybe you’ve got your hands full with kids or work, or maybe you’d just rather binge watch Euphoria for the second time. If you’re serious about making new friends, say YES!, and carve out some time for socializing.

6. Understand that adult friendships take work.

Why is it hard to make friends as an adult? In high school, you saw your friends eight hours a day whether you wanted to or not. In college, you probably lived with your nearest and dearest. Now, as a full-grown adult, you’ve got a million responsibilities, and you can go weeks without seeing your best friend – unless you put in the work.

Prioritize your new and existing friendships. Check in with them and don’t be afraid to initiate plans. Show up for friend dates even when it’s not convenient. Friendships in adulthood are enriching and rewarding, so don’t let them fall to the wayside.

Cultivate New Friendships at Painting with a Twist

Making new friends as an adult isn’t the easiest task, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one. Put yourself out there, and it won’t be long before you find your squad. Ready to put the paint in friendship? Join a painting event at Twist-Pooler and start building new connections today!

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