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Robbinsville, NJ Painting with a Twist Blog

We have some new ways of painting to brighten your day! You can now purchase Twist at Home Kits from us. Your purchase includes a kit that you pick up at our studio curbside, written instructions and a link to a prerecorded video that you can use whenever you want to. The kit includes the canvas you will need, paint needed for the painting you choose, and a few brushes (gently used). Lots of fun options can be used along with our kits. Pick one up just for yourself and enjoy a carefree escap ... Read More

Event Highlight

Personalized Pet Paintings

If you've been to our studio or just heard about painting your pet, here's a whole run-down of how we do it at Painting with a Twist. If you are not a painter it sure does seem daunting to start in painting your best fur friend. But we have a method that works! Once your find a Paint Your Pet event on our calendar (we do it once a month usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) and make your reservation, the fun begins. After we get notification that you have registered we will be on the look-o ... Read More

Is your wedding coming up? Or are you the one planning the pre-wedding parties? Planning a wedding is quite enough to do, but then there's the shower, bachelorette parties, out of town guests! We can take a few of those off your plate. Let the wedding party know you want to come to Painting with a Twist! We have over 15,000 paintings to choose from. Looking for canvas, wood planks, wood cutouts, wine glasses or screens? We have them all. Paint a monogram that each person can make their own. Bouq ... Read More

Your nearby Robbinsville Painting with a Twist have some Open Studio Times set up for the kids over their spring break! It's also a great time to set up a private party for your kids and their friends who are sticking around the area. Have a look at our calendar  on the week before Easter and we have one session the week after to try and match up all the spring break school calendars. If you want to paint along with your child, that's fine. We have a notebook of paintings for you to choose ... Read More

Artist Profiles

About our ARTists!

If you haven't been to our studio yet, you have a great experience awaiting you with our artists. We staff each event with talented artists who are equally good at painting and providing a relaxed, fun paint experience. They do an example painting to put on display before you even begin so you know where the class is headed. If you decide to do your own thing, that's fine, but the artist on stage is going to lead the group to a complete painting like the display! They will give you step by step ... Read More

In the last few months we have started offering more surfaces for you to choose from in some of our classes. We now have real wood boards which when you see that means three or four boards nailed together, we have composite or particle boards and canvases. We occassionally offer wine glasses, too. By choosing to paint on different surfaces and allowing yourself to use your paintings in less traditional ways, you'll soon begin seeing possibilities everywhere. One of our wood board paintings could ... Read More

We get lots of feedback from our customers and the top two things we hear are that it was super fun or very relaxing. The vibe you get from the paint experience has something to do with the time of week you come in and also what you are expecting. Every paint session has music and an instructor, those are standard. The most relaxing sessions to attend are weeknights and Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Here's how we take the stress out of painting even if you are a complete beginner. First, our pa ... Read More

Show your love for your fur baby by creating a keepsake piece of art all about them. Wonder how you could do it even if you aren't a painter...even if you have no experience? We do it all the time with people just like you! Here's how it all works...find Paint Your Pet on our calendar (we usually offer it once a month on a Saturday or Sunday). Register for the event online and then email us a photo close-up of your pet's face. We know you probably have more than one lovely pet, but we can only d ... Read More


Welcome Fall 2018

Summer isn't quite over yet, but as the darkness comes earlier each day, and you need different things to do in the evening, think about joining us to paint! Our paint sessions are not for experienced artists. They are primarily fun experiences for all ages. Our calendar usually features old favorites as well as new pieces you might like. Get some friends and give us a try in the weeks ahead!

Mothers' Day is almost here! We are happy to hold a Mothers and Others Day in our studio this year! Everyone is welcome...the more the merrier! As always, bring along a snack and beverage to enjoy while you paint or during the break. We will have lemonade and some mix ins or bring your own bubbly to pour in. If you can't make it on Mothers' Day join us before it gets here to surprise your mother with a painting done by you. Know someone who is special to you, but not your mom - they will be so h ... Read More

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