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Art Spotlights

Have you painted your pet yet?

Show your love for your fur baby by creating a keepsake piece of art all about them. Wonder how you could do it even if you aren't a painter...even if you have no experience? We do it all the time with people just like you! Here's how it all works...find Paint Your Pet on our calendar (we usually offer it once a month on a Saturday or Sunday). Register for the event online and then email us a photo close-up of your pet's face. We know you probably have more than one lovely pet, but we can only do one at a time. It will take the whole three hour paint session just to complete one image, so you can come back and do the rest of the "family" at another session. Once we have a photo, our artist will creat a charcoal sketch of your pet on a canvas. That will be ready for you when you arrive. The artist instructing the session will direct eveyone to pick out a background color and will show you some simple paint techniques to ad some texture to it if you want. Then they will show you which colors to use to paint a base coat for your pet's fur. Then the fur it self. Finally, the details of the face will be added under their direction and amazingly, you will have your pet to take home and display. This is a wonderful gift to do for someone else...what a great surprise that would be. 

A three-hour session is a bit of work, but it is worth the effort when you see the results!! 

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