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Personalized Pet Paintings

If you've been to our studio or just heard about painting your pet, here's a whole run-down of how we do it at Painting with a Twist. If you are not a painter it sure does seem daunting to start in painting your best fur friend. But we have a method that works! Once your find a Paint Your Pet event on our calendar (we do it once a month usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) and make your reservation, the fun begins. After we get notification that you have registered we will be on the look-out for an email picture of your pet. It can be a dog or cat, fish or lizard, horse, bird, snake, hermit crab. Try to get a close up of his or her face, they work best.

Once we have the photo, one of our artists will do a charcoal sketch on the canvas for you. Some people want to just take the sketch home, but wait, it will be so much better! 

Step one is to take a walk around the studio and look for a color you would like to paint the background. Painting the background first gets you warmed up. You get the feel of the brush and the paint. You might even try a little texture in the background. The artists working the event will know how to guide you. Some people ask why they don't do the background last to cover any accidents? It you leave it til last then you also have to paint around every piece of fur or ear or fish scale and you loose the texture around the edges of your pet. 

Step two is called an undercoat for the fur. In order to give depth to the fur, there must be a darker undercoat that allows the final fur strokes on top to stand out. This is the fur in the shadows and it's what makes the painting so realistic.

Step three is the top coat of fur and this might be several colors depending on how your pet looks.

Final step and the one that really brings the painting "to life" is the eyes and nose! 

It takes three hours, but is a good investment of your time. You will actually learn about painting and you'll have a beautiful keepsake or a special gift. Imagine how surprised the recipient would be!

Check out our photo albums on our Facebook page. It has quite a few class photos of previous Paint Your Pet sessions.

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