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Twist at Home Kits and Virtual Events

We have some new ways of painting to brighten your day! You can now purchase Twist at Home Kits from us. Your purchase includes a kit that you pick up at our studio curbside, written instructions and a link to a prerecorded video that you can use whenever you want to. The kit includes the canvas you will need, paint needed for the painting you choose, and a few brushes (gently used). Lots of fun options can be used along with our kits. Pick one up just for yourself and enjoy a carefree escape from the comfort of your own home - no mask needed! Turn it into a family event. Everyone can paint the same thing (order a kit per person) or really mix it up and order a different image for each person. You only need to have a device per picture if you want to watch different videos at the same time. Expand outside your home by asking your friends to buy kits from us and then you can all get on a Zoom call and chat together while you each paint in your own home. If you want to arrange a private party, we will get kits ready, your guests can pick them up and one of our artists will get on Zoom with you to take you through the painting together, but separately. Virtual events are on our calendar starting in June. The process is the same, but you'll need to tune in to a live Facebook event to paint along with our artist in the studio. Kits are still provided for these virtual events and need to be picked up the day of the event. We hope we can get back to painting together in the studio, but we realize this may take some time. In the meantime, we hope we can add a little sunshine to your new routine.

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