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Valentine's Day with a Twist!

A picture perfect Valentine’s Day awaits! Grab a date or rally your group of friends and get ready for a unique, creative experience! There’s nothing better than getting your loved ones together and spending time smiling, laughing, and celebrating your love for each other. Cheers to you and cheers to memories with your favorite people! The holiday created for sharing joy is only done right by remembering that YOU deserve to live life a little lavish, too! What better way to lift your spirits out of this snowy, Minnesota winter than planning the ultimate night filled with FUN and lots of hearts and hugs, too.

Grab your Partner or your Pals - Valentine’s Day has snuck up once again, and here you are without anything planned for the big day. You’re in luck! We’ve got you covered for a fun, exciting night out at our cozy Roseville studio. Just head on over to Painting with a Twist!

Pick your Painting - Pick from the variety of paintings we have to offer this Valentine’s Day season and throughout the month of February. We have customizable painting sets for couples if you’re painting with a partner or artworks for individuals as well. There’s something for everyone! Our Valentine’s Day themed paintings are extra special and extra heartwarming!

Have a Blast - Heart shaped chocolates and flowers are so overrated. Instead, come celebrate by creating your own, one of a kind artwork that’s unique to you! Try your hand at painting while enjoying the music and the moment this Valentine’s Day. To book your spot for a fun night out, check out our calendar. You're going to LOVE the memories and the artwork you'll create!


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