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A New Twist to Spring Cleaning


A New Season on the Horizon - The weather is warming up here in Minnesota and you know what that means.. spring has sprung! Now, let’s all cross our fingers and hope we don’t get a surprise blizzard like last year. ;) A new season calls for something new for you to match the changing weather. We have a few fresh ideas for you to bring a new, creative twist to your usual spring cleaning list. Spoiler: spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore!

Spring Cleaning can be Fun - Cleaning out the clutter which has piled up in your house over the winter can feel like a pretty big task to undertake. To help make it feel less overwhelming, try to tackle a single room or space at a time! Don’t sweat cleaning the whole house in one go, that would be a lot even for Marie Kondo. Turn on your favorite tunes and don’t be afraid to dance like no one’s watching in between the organizing. You could even go all out and have a cleaning party! Recruit your bestie or a family member to help and assure them that you’ll order a pizza and supply some celebratory beverages for their troubles. Your weekend chore list just got a whole lot more exciting!

Good for your Home & Good for YOU - Clearing away the clutter of material things from your space will help clear your mind, too! Get rid of all of the stuff in your space that no longer serves a purpose. You can even help out your community, too, by donating these unwanted items to a second hand store or shelter. Saying goodbye to personal items does take some courage sometimes. One way to remidy this is to make a “maybe” pile which you can reevaluate later on.

Make your own Wall Art - Once your space is cleaned up and nicely organized, next comes the fun part.. redecorating! Spring calls for bright colors, fresh takes on your current decor and even some bold, new DIY projects. Filter out some of your current decorations and bring some pieces you haven’t seen in a while back out from storage. Or, bring something completely new to your space by making your own original artwork! Visit us at our Roseville studio in April and paint alongside one of our friendly instructors - we’ll be your partner in DIY!

Customizable to Match your Unique Style - Our springtime paintings are airy and warm to go along with the warming weather. All of our paintings are customizable to reflect your unique flair! Match your painting colors to go along with a space in your home which is in need of a little makeover. The changing of seasons calls for a little change in our lives and what better way to celebrate the NEW than creating a decorative artwork for one of your walls? Have a blast with some friends while also making a beautiful piece of art that will look totally fab in your home!

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