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Why book a Painting Party?

What are the benefits of a private party?

  • You get to select your own masterpiece to paint from our library.

    • For grown-up events, you will be able to choose from 2 or 3 hour paintings.

    • Kids parties can choose from the 1.5 hour paintings

  • You can schedule your party any day of the week, space permitting. We have morning, afternoon and evening slots available.

  • You get the whole room to yourself.

  • No setup, no clean up - just show up!

  • You get the room 30 minutes before and after your class to celebrate.

  • We provide all the art supplies

How much does it cost?

Per participant rates:

  • 1.5 hours (in studio) = $27

  • 2 hours (in studio) = $37

  • 3 hours (in studio) = $47

  • Paint Your Pet (in studio) = $57

  • Fundraisers (in studio) = $47 and up (host’s choice) and we donate up to 50%!

  • Offsite events: $42 and up

  • For a pre-paid group of more than 14, you get 1 complimentary seat

  • For a pre-paid group of more than 19, you get 2 complimentary seats

  • For a pre-paid group of more than 24, you get 3 complimentary seats


Deposits and Payment

  • To reserve you desired date/time, we require a deposit of the minimum (stated below) or 50%, whichever is greater, to hold the date/time.  Time slots will only be held for 24 hours, or until we receive the deposit.

  • You will receive a link to pay the deposit online with a credit card. 

  • You may pay the remaining balance by cash, check or credit card on the day of the event, before the scheduled start time.  

  • Public fundraisers do not require a deposit, but private fundraisers do.

Cancellation Policy 

We require at least a one week (7 calendar days) notice for cancellations.  Failure to provide at least a one week (7 calendar days) notice from your scheduled date, a cancelation fee in the amount of 50% of the deposit will be retained by PWAT-SD, and the remaining 50% will be refunded to the credit card.

Host Responsibilities


  • Fill out the Party Request form with as many details as possible

  • Respond to any emails from PWAT-SD staff within 24 hours (the sooner the better)

  • After PWAT-SD staff reviews all the party details and creates the event on the calendar, you will receive 2 links (if you do not receive 2 links, contact us right away).

    • Event Management Link where you can choose the painting you would like.  If no painting is chosen within 72 hours of the event, we will choose the painting.  We are here to help.

    • Event Deposit Link to pay the deposit.  IMPORTANT: We allow for 24 hours from the time the link is sent for the deposit.  After 24 hours, we reserve the right to allow other customers to claim that slot.

  • Encourage guests to arrive at the location of the party 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

In Studio Parties

In addition to what is in the General section above

  • None.

Offsite Parties

In addition to what is in the General section above

  • PWAT-SD staff will arrive at the location 45-60 minutes before the scheduled start time for setup.

  • PWAT-SD staff will stay to clean up the painting materials for 45 minutes to 1 hour after the scheduled end time.

  • The host is responsible for finding a venue for the event, with access to a sink & water.

  • The host is responsible for providing enough tables and chairs for the participants and have them set up 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

  • The host is responsible for ensuring that there is enough lighting

  • The host is responsible for ensuring that the area is quiet enough

  • The host is responsible for ensuring that a power outlet is available

  • The host is responsible for all food and drinks.


In addition to what is in the General section above

  • The host is responsible for promoting the event

Party Sizes


There are times that we can be flexible, depending on the day, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Friday/Saturday nights: 10

  • Kids parties at all other times: 8

  • Paint Your Pet (any day/time): 8

  • Offsite Parties (any day/time): 10


These are strictly enforced.

  • Our 21+ studio can accommodate a maximum of 28 guests.

  • Our All Ages studio can accommodate a maximum of 18 kids or 16 teens/adults.

  • Yes, you can always add more people to your original request, up to the maximum for that room.

  • For offsite events, the max party size we recommend is 30 for the best experience for the people furthest away from the instructor, but we have done events as large as 50.

Age Policy

  • You can choose either an All Ages (no-alcohol) or a 21+ (alcohol available) event.

  • No persons under the age of 21 are allowed into the 21+ studio and no alcohol is allowed in the All Ages studio.  This is strictly enforced.

  • The youngest ages that are allowed are 7-8 years old.

    • Some exceptions can be made for siblings of the birthday kid, or other family members.  Please make sure to get that cleared by PWAT-SD first.

  • For kids parties, the adult host or a chaperone is required to be in the room with the children at all times.

    • The parents of the kids are allowed to hang out in the 21+ studio.  Our WiFi password: ilovepwatsd.

    • If there are parents that will hang out, we can have a bar tender available.  Please ask in advance.

Party Timing

  • Instruction begins at the scheduled start time.  For example, if the class is at 1pm, instruction will start at 1pm.

  • Host are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to set up or decorate.

  • Please have your guests arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the class start time.

  • We allow 30 minutes after the scheduled end time for cake/presents/celebrations.

  • Each additional 30 minutes thereafter will be charged at $35 per 30 minutes.

Food and Beverages

  • For parties in our studio, you are welcome to bring any reasonable foods you would like for your party.  Good examples are: Cookies, cake, cheese/veggie platters, chips, etc. Please avoid foods like soups, stews or others that may cause a hazard if spilled.  

  • For kids parties in our studio, you are welcome to bring drinks for the kids.  We have a fancy water cooler (that we pay too much for), so please make use of it instead of brining water bottles.

  • For 21+ parties in our studio, no outside beverages are allowed (except coffee/tea/water).

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