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Twist at Home is a new offering from Painting with a Twist! Pick a painting and get started today. We'll include the right paints and brushes to go with your selection in addition to the step by step instructions that come with every kit.

Drink Happy Thoughts - Red

Drink Happy Thoughts - Set

Drink Happy Thoughts - White

Starry Sunset 2

Playful Waves


Jolly Ole St Nick



Snow Covered

Tranquil Moon

Colorful Fall Pumpkins

Glowing Birch Trees

Lunar Goddess in Purple

Game Day Diva

Dark Pumpkin Spice

Bat at Midnight

Colorful Turtles

White Sunflowers

Splashin' Dolphin

Flirty Flamingo

Evergreen Dreams and Baubles

Poppin' Bottles

Whimsical Winter

Cozy Birch Perch

Colorful Queen - Amethyst

Colorful Queen - Violet

Christmas Twinkle

Cool Reflections

Floral Holiday

Misty Beach

Coastal Sunrise

Better Together - Set

Better Together - Side 1

Better Together - Side 2

Magical Winter

Meadows in the Mountains

Health Care Hero - Hope

Health Care Hero - Hannah

Health Care Hero - Set

Starry Sunset 2 - Side 1

Starry Sunset 2 - Side 2

Starry Sunset 2 - Set

Flirty Flamingo 2

Flirty Flamingo - Set

Lil Gnomie - Java Love

Neon Shores

Crystal Sky

Glowing Nightfall

Frog Lake

The Moon Is Calling

Serene Scape

The Rolling Rockies

A Colorful Night Sky 2

LEGEN -wait for it- DARY

Golden Mountainside

A Colorful Night Sky

Hazy Treescape

Explore the Unknown

Hello Wisconsin

Bright Blue Moon Circle Cutout

Owl at the Moon

Tis Wicked Season

Welcome My Witches

Cosmic Love - Warrior and Child

Wicked Witches Set


Holiday Classic

The Living Dead

Chilly Ride

Icy Blue Mountains

Black Sheep

Pastel Nutcracker

Serene Horizons

Holiday Barn

Melt My Heart - Side 1

Melt My Heart - Side 2

Melt My Heart - Set

Romance Under the Lanterns

On My Mind - Set

Choose Your Poison - White

Todd’s Abstract Forest - Side 1

Choose Your Poison - Set

Todd’s Abstract Forest - Side 2

Todd’s Abstract Forest - Set

Believe It

Tree of Spirits

Tree of Spirits - Side 1

Tree of Spirit - Side 2

Tree of Spirits - Set

Gnome Man's Land

Swimming in Love - Side 1

Swimming in Love - Side 2

Swimming in Love - Set

Mr. Buttons in the Forest

Blustery Day Snowman

Flakey Friends

Magical Love Bug

Stars On The Beach

Florida Jack-o-Lantern

White Sunflowers on Green

Heaven and Earth

Blinged Up

On Mind Mind - Guy

On My Mind - Gal

Berry Pumpkins - Side 1

Berry Pumpkins - Side 2

Berry Pumpkins - Set

Majestic Reflections

Snowman - Old Fashioned Winter Fun!

Todd’s Abstract Forest

Aurora Reflection

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