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Come to my Garage Sale

Remember that scene in Hell's Kitchen where Josh kept uncontrollably cooking massive amounts of pasta? And Gordon Ramsay was absolutely beyond himself with confusion and rage? That's kinda where we're at with our paintings. They're taking over the studio. They're creeping in our windows. They're threatening to stage a coup. That's why we're SELLING them at an unbeatable price! These bad boys are Michigan-made by our own artists, with love. We're having a BOGO 1/2 off flash sale—adult paintings are $20, kids' are $15. Every Joe Schmo and Jane Doe is having a garage sale right now, but ours is better. No used socks or broken chairs here. This Thursday, come on down and pick your poison, then paint and sip for a spell! Class shall commence at 6:30. PM. Not AM. We're artists, not masochists.


Until next time,


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