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The Perfect Date Night for Everyone

Looking for a fun, creative and unique date? Painting with a Twist South Jordan Utah is the place to be. We have great options for all sorts of couples from married couples and first dates to high school dance activity dates to 21+ events where you can be sure no one underage will be gen z-ing on your evening.

For couples who have been together for a long time a set piece with our date night events are a wonderful option.  Date night sets really showcase how different people complement one another while working together.  Each side of the set will have the same colors and similar subject and be a true match and yet each painter’s individual style will be exhibited.  My favorite part of date night is seeing how each couple will work together to create the art together.  You can often tell a lot about the couples’ personalities and relationship by paintings they create.

If you are on a first date or just want to be able to have stand-alone paintings in your homes, choose a regular painting. Creating the same painting and seeing how differently each painting turns out is so much fun!  Your artist will play games and keep the energy up so you won’t find any trouble finding topics to chat about as you get to know your date either for the first time.  If you are afraid of an awkward first date Painting with a Twist is the perfect way to break the ice.

Our South Jordan Location has many dining options from frozen and baked treats to Mexican and Asian restaurants all right across the street or next door.  The outdoor seating in our shopping center is delightfully lit year round  with beautiful trees and park benches. It is a wonderful place to relax and continue your date as long as your heart desires.#DateNight #FirstDate #RelationshipGoals #CreativeDates #UniqeDate #NotDinnerAndAMovie #PaintingWithATwist #PWATSoJo #TwistSouthJordan #PaintNite #PaintNight #PaintAndSip #DanceIdea #PerfectDate

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