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Why book a Painting Party?

Painting With a Twist-St. Peters offers a private party room for any occasion including

  • Birthday Parties (including kid’s parties)
  • Bachelorette Parties/Bridal showers
  • Girls’ Night Out
  • Retirement Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Organization Parties (Red Hat, Sororities, Book Clubs, Girl Scouts)
  • Church Groups
  • Team Building/Office parties
  • Field Trips
  • Class/Family Reunion
  • Fundraisers

Age restrictions for Private Parties:

  • Private Parties after 6 pm on Fridays and Saturdays in the studio are strictly ADULTS ONLY 18+ and 21 to drink
  • If you will have mixed ages for the guests in your party, you will need to have your party before 6 pm at the latest

Why should you have your party at Painting With a Twist?

  1. We offer a unique way to celebrate any occasion that will have your guests telling all of their friends!  Your guests not only make special memories with you, but also have something to take home that will always remind them of that event. 
  2. You get to choose your own masterpiece to paint from our collection of nearly 10,000 paintings. (The same prices as our regular classes)
  3. You will have your own private party room and artist-instructor.
  4. No set up, no clean up-just show up!  We’ve got all of your art supplies ready to go.
  5. The room is yours 15 minutes before class time to celebrate.
  6. You can schedule your party any day of the week (artist and space permitting).  Choose from morning, afternoon or evening slots.  (Parties for children are morning or afternoon slots only)
  7. Birthday parties for children (for ages 6 and up) are a 2 hour time slot with a separate selection of paintings geared toward kids.  We also offer teen parties with more mature painting choices for ages 13 and up. Kid’s parties are morning or afternoon slots only. *When scheduling a child's party, please be advised that we do NOT have room for observers to stay for the party.  The parents of the b-day child may stay for the party, but all other parents will need to drop off.  Our party room does not have room for parents and it is also very distracting to have adults talking while the instructor is trying to teach the class.  
  8. Guests may bring in snacks or beverages. We require all food and beverages to be prepackaged and unopened upon arrival.

Scheduling a Party:

  • To check availability and reserve a spot for your private party call us at 636-851-9463 (WINE) or email us at with your date request.
  • To ensure your preferred party date, we recommend scheduling at least two weeks to one month in advance.  We will, however, be happy to accommodate you on shorter notice if we have the availability.  Keep in mind that weekend dates fill up quickly!
  • You will need to read and sign our Private Event Agreement.
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT checks for payment for any party or class.  Payment must be cash or credit card only.

How many people do I need to reserve a private party?

  • The minimum number of paid painters needed for a private party is 12 (15 on Saturdays).  We have a small private party room that can accommodate up to 12 people and our main studio can accommodate 26 painters. We cannot allow observers to stay in the party room during the party.  It is for paid seats only.
  • At the time of booking you will need to pay for 3 seats up front.  These seats can be for the host of the party and 2 guests (host can have those 2 guests pay them directly).  If the day of your event arrives and you are short of your minimum number of guests, you will still owe for those seats. You are responsilbe for getting your guests to sign up and pay ahead of time using the Party Management Link we provide for you to email a sign-up link directly to your guests.  The full minimum amount MUST be paid at least one week before your event is to take place.
  • We do not allow non-painting guests to "hang out" at your party.  All guests must be registered and their seats prepaid. Absolutley no infants/toddlers in any events.  
  • GUESTS arriving over 15 minutes late to your party will NOT be allowed to paint and will forfeit their registration fee.  Our parties start promptly at the scheduled time whether all of your guests have arrived or not. Please be sure your guests understand this policy.
  • Don't have enough for a private party or don't want to hassle with deposits and getting people to sign up?   That's OK!  Find an open class your group would like to attend and sign up individually.  In the reservation grouping section, just choose a name for your party (like the Julie Smith group) and we will seat you all together.  No stress, just fun for all who attend!

How do I pay for my party?

  • Once you pay for 3 seats, we will send you our Party Management link so that you may choose the painting for your event.  You are also welcome to come to the studio during office hours if you would like some help in choosing your painting.  You must choose your painting for the event in order to receive the pass code for your guests to register.  *Our artists need time to prepare for your private event, therefore a painting MUST be chosen at least 10 days before your event.*
  • Once you have chosen your painting, we update it in our system and the Party Management Link then changes to allow you to email the direct link and passcode to all of your guests.  Guests click on the link and individually pay and register for the private party, or the host/hostess may instead pay with one payment. *Payment of your minimum due must be complete by one week before your event is scheduled. If you do not have all guests registered and paid for by that time, you will be responsilbe for paying the remainder of the minimum and your guests will then pay you. *We reserve the right to open up your event to the public if you fail to meet your minimum payment by one week before.  We will email you to keep you updated on your party numbers.  We will call at one week if we do not hear back from you via email. *If you fail to return our communication, we reserve the right to open your event to the public.
  • Cancellation Policy:  If cancelling your party, you must give us a minimum 7 day notice.  If you give us that notice we will change your deposit to a store credit, not a refund.   Guests already signed up will also receive a store credit for their seat. We do not offer refunds.  You will forfiet the 3 paid seat deposit ($111) if less than 7 days notice of cancellation is given.  Please stay in communication with us regarding your private event.  We will do our best to work with you to make your party successful.  All financial matters relating to your private event MUST be settled before the day of the event.  NO PAINTING will begin if payment is not settled. 
  • Private parties can be booked for a two-hour session and range from $35-$45 per person depending on the type of art you choose.  Three-hour sessions range from $45-$55 per person depending on the type of art you choose.  Your guests can pay individually or you can pay as a group. 

    We allow a 10 minute grace period from the time the instructor is finished teaching the painting. An additional studio fee of $75.00 may be added to your cost if your guests fail to arrive by the time class starts, or if your group exceeds the 10-minute grace period at the end of class.  

  • WHAT IF MY GUESTS ARE LATE?  We start all parties and public classes PROMPTLY at the scheduled time, whether all of your guests are there or not.  To ensure that all guests arrive on time, it is best to tell the to arrive 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin.  If a guest arrives over 20 minutes late, they will not have enough time to finish their painting and we can NOT extend the party time to accommodate late guests.  If you are a late to a movie, they don't start it over for you.  The same rules apply here. 
  • Make sure your guests KNOW WHERE they are going.  We are located at 5837 Suemandy Drive in St.Peters, Missouri.  From HWY 70, you exit at Mid Rivers Mall Drive and then turn right onto Suemandy Drive (going AWAY from the mall).  You will see Olive Garden restaurant on the left, followed by Steak N Shake.  Turn left at Steak and Shake.  We sit directly behind the Steak and Shake between Pure Hockey and Chuck's Boots.  We are in the same large plaza as Toys R Us, The Tile Shop, Big Lots and Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT checks as payment for private parties or any event.
  • What if I want to do the wood class for my party?  This may not be an option for your private party if you are booking last minute.  For the wood classes, parties need to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can order the shapes/pallets for your group. 

Additional Information for Kid Parties:

  • Kids love painting with us!  We have a great selection of kid-friendly paintings for you to choose from.  
  • Kid’s parties are morning or afternoon slots on the weekends.  No party for children can take place after 6 pm.
  • Parties for children are 2 hour time slots to allow for a cupcake break.  The cost is $32 per painter.  
  • No alcohol may be consumed during our Family Friendly Classes, children's parties and all day Sunday. 

Family Events:

Also check our event calendar for Family Events for the kids and parents to enjoy some quality time together.

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