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5 Way to Celebrate Mom (with a Twist)

Here at Painting With a Twist, we are offering multiple different ways to celebrate mom!


1. For Mother's Day weekend we are offering exclusive bundles for mom to have a fun night out! Each specialty bundle class comes with a box of six chocolates, a carnation, and a stemless wine glass for moms who want to do something a little different, get creative and leave with some goodies! 

2. Want to spend time in while still giving it a twist? We also offer special Twist at Home Kits with a box of six chocolate and a stemless wineglass to have fun at home! Perfect for a take-home present. 

3. We also offer set classes where you and your mother can paint together and when completed both paintings reveal an entire piece! Super fun to be able to create a bigger piece and not have the same painting in one place. 

4. If you know your mother loves painting but maybe is already doing something or unsure which event she would like to participate in, give her the gift of a gift certificate which never expires. This gives her the freedom of choosing which artwork she wants to enjoy whenever she is free to do so. 

5. We also offer Date Nights, gift a date night to your mother and father (or to your wife) for Mother's Day and get a unique experience while celebrating someone truly special. 


See you soon, Twisters!

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