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How Easy it is to Twist at Home

Named Twist at Home Kit, At Home Kit, Do It Yourself Kit or simply DIY Kit. Twist At Home Kit was born by the urgency of Painting With A Twist to deliver a carefree escape that makes a difference in people’s lives during the pandemic. There are still people that are not comfortable to go out in public and take a class in our studios and also by people inspired to have painting parties or gatherings in the comfort of their homes.
To buy one of these kits on our website, click on the Icon “AT HOME KIT” where there is a big variety of artworks with instructions and some with a short tutorial video. Those that have a tutorial video will have a little camera icon at the right bottom of the picture. There are pictures for all ages and seasons. Once the picture is selected, it will open a SELECT A PRODUCT drop down menu with different choices to choose the product you may want to purchase with the artwork. This includes selections like sets, bundles, and different surfaces.
The Kit includes all the necessary supplies to complete the artwork like the Canvas or any other surface chosen, all the necessary paint colors to complete the picture, 3 brushes pack, disposable apron, paper plate to pour or mix the paints, a plastic cup for water to rinse the brushes, a piece of chalk to trace trees, mountains, lines, etc..., paper towels, and cover papers.
If the picture selected is a human or animal, we will pre-sketch the surface to make the experience easy and enjoyable.
Once the order is fulfilled in our system and picked up “curbside”, an email will be automatically sent with the instructions or if the artwork has an instructional video, a link attached to the email with a password to watch anywhere with a custom pace, time and date. The instructional video will be available to watch for 35 days, after this time no access will be provided to the video.
Enjoy painting with us and Happy Painting. 

PWAT Tempe, AZ 


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