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Why book a Painting Party?

We are currently booking Private pARTies!

YOU have Options!  

  • Choose to have your pARTy IN Studio


  • LIVE Virtually online through ZOOM where you and your guests will join an Artist from the comfort of home.  


o We MUST have an estimated count of guests at the time of sign up as social distancing guidelines will apply and pre-planning studio accommodations is necessary. 

o Private pARTies require MINIMUM of 8 paid Guests. 

o Depending on Availability there will be a MAXIMUM of 16 Painters (Including Hostess) allowed in our Main Front Studio,

   and a MAXIMUM of 10 Guests (Including Hostess) are allowed in our 2nd Studio. 


If you do not have the required #of painters for a Private pARTy YOU can pick the PUBLIC Event painting.  

o Based on Calendar availability YOU pick the Public painting with NO SIGNED CONTRACT.  

o You must guarantee 5 paid painters within 48hrs of posting your painting request or the painting MAY be changed.   


Fill out our Private pARTy Request and we will contact you to get your pARTy started! 


Due to COVID- 19 Masks are required for any Event being held in studio, social distancing of 6ft. will also apply. 


What type of parties can I host?

This is a unique experience for ANY celebration. Whether you’re planning a Birthday Party with your family and friends, a Team Building adventure with your co-workers, a Bachelorette Party, Family Reunion, Girl's Night Out or just a fun evening out, we've got you covered to experience FUN ART for any social event.

What do you provide?

We provide paint, brushes, easels, canvases and aprons, all the necessary art supplies to complete your individual masterpiece! 

What can I bring?

Our studio is BYOB. Feel free to bring any type of food and beverage that you like, if you like. You can roll in a cooler full of your favorites or hire a caterer. Our studio is licensed for beer, wine and champagne products. We are NOT licensed for hard alcohol.

You show up and we'll clean up. It's that simple.

OK, so let's take a look at all the serious stuff so we can get your event on the Painting with a Twist calendar.

Fun ideas for your party...

  • Choose a theme! Use the image of the painting throughout the event planning process! Although all art is subject to copy write protection, we do allow the use of the image for invitations, decorations, and cakes. Please ask about the reproduction of the image in any other instance related to your private event. Bakeries have come up with adorable representations of the chosen painting for cakes and cupcakes. 
  • You can have your guests dress according to your theme!
  • Incorporate the colors of the painting in your decorations! Bring balloons and decorations!

Private Party Guidelines

  • Private Parties are booked for two-hour or three-hour sessions.
  • Prices will range from $30 (kids) to $40.+ for Adults Private pARTies
  • We also offer a select gallery of paintings for the kids (ages 7+). 
  • You choose the painting and get your own Instructor.
  • You and your guests will have sole use of one of our studios.  We will provide you with a Painting with a Twist Private Party Contract and Guideline for review, signature and return.
    • We MUST have an estimated count of guests at the time of sign up as social distancing guidelines will apply and pre-planning studio accommodations is necessary. 
    • Private pARTies require MINIMUM of 8 paid guests
    • Depending on Availability there will be a MAXIMUM of 16  Painters (Including Hostess) allowed in our Main Front Studio and a MAXIMUM of 10 Guests (Including Hostess) allowed in our 2nd Studio. 
  • A deposit (equal to 3 seats) is required at the time of reservation. We will hold your reservation with a valid credit card.
  • Once the signed Private Partact has been received, you will be given access to our Painting with a Twist online gallery of copyrighted paintings to choose from!
  • Once you have selected and saved the painting of choice, our studio will be notified automatically. We’ll approved and publish your choice to the online calendar!
  • After the Party has been posted to the online calendar, you will be able to print or e-mail invitations to your guests using the same link used to view the gallery.
  • Your Private Party link will include a "passcode" for your guests to register online.
  • You will be able to see who has signed up for your Party!
  • All reservations must be pre-paid prior to your event.

Payment Options

  • You may decide to pay for the entire event as a Hostess Pay or Each guest may register and pay online with your special passcode.
  • Payments may also be made via telephone (727)376-1112.
  • Please note that you are financially responsible for the minimum number of contracted guests.
  • We reserve the right to open the class up to the public 48 hours prior to your event if the minimum number of guests required is not met.
  • Opening your event to the public does not guarantee attendees and you remain financially responsible for the minimum number of contracted party guests.

Other really important information...

  • We ask that everyone arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. This will give everyone time to check-in and mingle.
  • Class will start at the scheduled time.
  • If class does not start on time, you will be charged $50 per half hour of delay.
  • You are welcome to extend your party time for an additional $50 per half hour. Please discuss this at the time of booking your party so that our studio can make necessary accommodations.
  • During this time we do NOT allow non painting guests.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least a one week notice, (7-days), if you should need to cancel your event.
If you fail to give us at least a one week notice, (7-days) from your scheduled date, you will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of $100.00.

What’s an Open Party?

So maybe you don’t have the minimum number of people to have a Private Party, No worries!

  • Sign up your small group in a regularly scheduled class. 
  • When making your reservation, give your group a unique name, (“Ann’s Birthday Party”) and have each attendee include the group name in the “Sitting with anyone else?” field of the reservation. We’ll prepare a section especially for you, and your friends! It’s a party in a party!
  • No contracts, no deposits, no hassles.

Do you do offsite painting parties?

  • Absolutely. We can bring the party to you! Party destinations may determine minimum attendee requirements. Please email or call for complete information for Off-Site Parties as details are different than listed above. We require a minimum of 20 for all offsite events.

Call 727-376-1112 or TEXT 727-232-2008 to get your party started!

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